Drucker Transfer Stempeln

Drucker Transfer Stempeln

Wie ich schon erwähnt habe, stempele ich nicht oft. Deshalb fand ich die Anleitung zum Drucker Transfer Stempeln sehr interessant.

Ich habe es noch nicht ausprobiert und werde es möglicherweise auch nie, denn Drucker-Toner ist auch teuer, aber wer weiss? Ich möchte nämlich gerne das Bild auf dem Foto ’stempeln‘ und ich bin sicher, dass ich es nicht aus einem Radiergummi schneiden werde ;-)


Craft Chi: Drucker Transfer Stempeln

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Radiergummi Stempel

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  1. I am personally addicted to carving, but it’s not for everyone! I tried image transfer using Claudine Hellmuth’s acrylic paint technique and it worked well… I haven’t yet used inkjet as a method.
    You asked if I found it difficult to work on 10″x8″ canvas – no. not really… if anything, I could’ve gone on painting „Blocks“ ad infinitum! I think the secret was, in that case, that I started around the outside and worked my way in, as opposed to working from the inside out. It just flowed!!

    I really like the varied projects you make and post about. Bravo!

  2. I tried today to see all of your sites but I haven’t finished yet ;-)
    What are you carving?

    Because only yesterday I made two more eraser stamps with *very* simple flowers on it. They were fun, look cute and were not hard to do.

    I’ve heard about „Claudine Hellmuth’s acrylic paint technique“ but haven’t looked at it yet. It seems that I have to put it on my to-do and to-explore lists ;-)

    And thank you very much for your commendation :-)

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