Little Crochet Yin Yang Basket

etsy goolgool Little Crochet Yin Yang Basket

I find the little crochet Yin Yang basket a wonderful idea!
You can find instructions about clothesline crochet and crocheted Paisleys here in the blog :)


Little Crochet Yin Yang Basket (CROCHET PATTERN – 4″ yin yang jewelry dish…)

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Freeform Paisley Scrumbles

Crafting With Style Freeform Paisley Scrumbles

Nearly three years ago I’ve been interested in Paisleys and freeform needlework. After having seen the freeform Paisley scrumbles I’d like to play around with freeform once again ;-)
By the way, the little items are a great way to use up your stash ;-)

Freeform Paisley Scrumbles

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Needle Felted Bracelet

theartofmegan Needle Felted Loop Bracelet

I found a good tutorial again, this time about how to make a needle felted bracelet.

I put it directly on my list, because I think it is great as a base that can be embellished e.g. with bead embroidered Paisleys or bead picots but also with ‘just-embroidery’ like the cross stitch heart, the freeform embroidery or the Embroidery Crust.
Additionally you can make matching earrings and a pendant for a necklace.

Needle Felted Loop Bracelet

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