Latvian Fingerless Gloves

ravelry Dela Hausmann Latvian Fingerless Gloves

Aren’t the Latvian fingerless gloves beautiful?!
That’d be a great Christmas gift for someone special, wouldn’t it? :)

An if you are more a bead type, try the previously presented Lithuanian wristwarmers.
I have also presented other wristwarmers :)


Latvian Fingerless Gloves (Latvian Blooms) (German and English)

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Bead Marguerite

bicer Bead Marguerite

The winter comes and you want to have flowers?
Then make your own (bead) Marguerite :)


Bead Marguerite (Flora – Webseite) (Russian)
Bead Marguerite (Flora – 010 “Flower” – picture) (Russian)
Bead Marguerite (Flora – 010 “Flower” – diagram) (Russian)

Pinecone Light

Pinecone Light

I find the pinecone light very romantic :)

And if you still have some over after making these, take a look at what else you can do with pinecones.


Pinecone Light (Simple and inexpensive December centerpieces. Made these for my December wedding! Pinecones, spanish moss, fairy lights and dollar store vases.)
=> they link to Winter Wedding Ideas To Use On Your Big Day but I haven’t found the pinecone light there

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Jeans and Crochet Lace Doily

Kiwi Little Things Jeans and Crochet Lace Doily

I have already presented tutorials with Jeans and with crochet doilies, this time it is about a Jeans and crochet lace doily ;-)


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Jeans and Crochet Lace Doily (Upcycling an old Jean’s phase 1: A Doiley)
via: Jean’s Doiley
=> here is the picture from

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Bracelets with Colouring Pages

Persia Lou Day Bracelets with Colouring Pages

These bracelets with colouring pages are great!
There you transfer the painted colouring pages to the bracelets.
If this also works with a self-made bracelet from recycled paper or with a bracelet from a recycled plastic bottle?
Well, and when you don’t like or make bracelets, take a look at what else you can make with colouring pages :)


Bracelets with Colouring Pages (DIY Mother’s Day Bracelets using Coloring Pages)
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Corrugated Cardboard Bowl

Carton Magique Corrugated Cardboard Bowl

I find the corrugated cardboard bowl most beautiful!
I think that it would also be great to hold an Advent flower arrangement :)


Corrugated Cardboard Bowl (Carton Magique) (French)
=> this is the header photo, I haven’t found it in the blog
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