Feathered Pencil

Jaderbomb Feathered Pencil

Also nice, the feathered pencil, isn’t it? :)
And you can make more with left over feathers!
And with left over yarn, too ;-)


Feathered Pencil (DIY Feather Pencils with 12 Months of Martha)
via: DIY Feather Pencil

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Beaded Daisy Earrings

youtube Sonysree Creations Beaded Daisy Earrings

Nice, the beaded Daisy earrings, aren’t they? They would match fine the beaded Daisy chevron necklace and the beaded Daisy chain :)


Beaded Daisy Earrings (Daisy Vine Earrings. DIY Beaded Earrings. How to make beaded earrings.)

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