Escher Stripes Art

Sally Shore Fiber Art Escher Stripes Art

Isn’t this Escher stripes art great?!
It must ‘simply’ been made from paper stripes or ribbons.

By the way, I have presented things with Escher already sooner.
And an entry about folded paper strips of equal width ;-)


Escher Stripes Art (Gallery : Ribbon Weaving – MCE Anomalies)

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Wire and Beads Owl Earrings

Poe gyongyei Wire and Beads Owl Earrings

Do you remember the wire and beads cat?
The wire and beads owl earrings look quite similar ;-)
I like all three :)


Wire and Beads Owl Earrings (Bagoly pár) (Hungarian)
via: Fun Wire Wrapped Owl Jewelry Tutorials

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Wire and Beads Cat