Photo Stamps

Photo Stamps

I already presented links on eraser carving, but perhaps you want to go a step further and make stamps from your own photos?
I found a tutorial on how to prepare your photos for carving stamps.
The preparation of the photos is similar to the tutorial on making your own digital stamps (and while we’re at it why not making stencils from your own photos? ;-))
On the picture you see a stamp template I made from a photo from a magazine.
Not yet cut, first I must find a big eraser ;-)


Prepping Photos for Carving
Carving 101

art-e-zine: a cornucopia for artists
Make your own digital stamps
Stencil Art

Here at unikatissima:
Eraser Stamps

One thought on “Photo Stamps”

  1. Susann – you just find the BEST links! I have a photo of my DD that I really want to carve, but I’m going to read that tutorial first, make sure I do it right!!
    Are you really just waiting to find a big enough eraser?!! I bought some rubber for carving from – very good service, I might add – and I must admit, I prefer the white for carving. It’s very similar to a big sheet of eraser rubber!!

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