Paper Wallet

unikatissima Paper Wallet

After the duct tape wallet and the tetrapak coin purse I’d like to present today an ingenious tutorial on how to fold a paper wallet.
On the photo you see one of my test wallets, folded from an official envelope with window and blue patterned lining.
Envelopes are unfortunately too narrow, I can’t put in an unfolded bank note, but it was fun to fold ;-)
I folded others from DIN A4 paper covered in gift wrapping and I really like the size.
One has got a little pocket glued on, another got its sides glued together. One has been covered in self-adhesive book foil, another has been glued after been covered in transparent gift wrapping.
All work fine and seem to be robust (the author of the tutorial writes about this aspect, too).
The only thing I miss is a ‘real’ coin purse with closure.
But the best is: the folding is done in no time ;-))

It is e.g. a wonderful wrapping if you want to give money.

Es wäre z.B. eine tolle Verpackung für ein Geldgeschenk.

Paper Wallet
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