Scarf and Tie Holder

unikatissima Scarf and Tie Holder

If you have a lot of scarves or ties (and don’t craft with the latter ;-)), you want to keep them tidy.
I found an instruction on how to make a really nice scarf and tie holder (German). You can make it match your home very easily.

The holder on the photo is faked using my preferred gift wrapping paper, because I owe no more than the three scarves and I think that I will ‘craft‘ my ties ;-)

The making of the holder consists mainly of using a narrow plank, painting it white, glueing the clothespins on (e.g. with PVA glue) and then decorating the item with the printed layer of napkins (decoupage). Best if you check their pictures.

Scarf and Tie Holder (Tücher- und Krawattenhalter) (German)

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