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unikatissima Paper Bead Roller

In a sense I always found paper beads great, but in another sense it always makes (made! ;-)) such a mess, so that I didn’t often made some.
Then I found the paper bead purses (ooooh…). (The link doesn’t work no more, look instead for the Google image search result for ‘paper bead purse’.)
And on the website of the paper bead purse designer I found a video showing how to use a paper beads roller that you can buy at her website (this link doesn’t work neither, but there’s still the video).
Great idea!
She also describes very good how to apply the glue and how to use the glue excess as varnish for the bead.

A little more research found me an instruction on how to build a self-made paper beads roller.
Another great idea! ;-))

I wasn’t sure whether I want to make sooo many paper beads and additionally I thought that I don’t need no crank, so I simply put everything together and the result is my spontaneously made paper beads roller ;-)

And that’s what you do:


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
Cut your paper strips for the beads (I used a page from a travel brochure) and take two big needles, two toothpicks (they have to be smooth!) or – as I did – two little metal skewers.


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
Join both needles (toothpicks, skewers…).
It would be enough to wrap some tape around, but I didn’t want to become my skewers sticky after taking away the tape, therefore I wrapped a broad strip of paper around and taped that.


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
Slip the end of a paper strip between both skewers (if you use triangular ones, slip in the broad end) and begin to wrap on the bead.
On the photo you can see the paper strip that holds together my skewers.


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
That’s how it looks shortly before you’re finished with wrapping.
You can’t see no glue on this photo because I can’t wrap with one hand and take photos with the other – at least not without dripping glue everywhere ;-)


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
When your bead is done you can easily remove it.


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
I was amazed at how fast and easy everything worked and I had much less mess than before ;-)


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
The hole of the bead is split into two holes because my bead roller consists of two halves.


unikatissima Paper Bead Roller
I then simply ‘stirred’ the hole with a toothpick so that only one big hole remained ;-)
(By the way, the instruction for this bead is scheduled for tomorrow ;-))


Have fun wrapping paper beads! :))
and if you want to try some other bead shapes check out the Paper University.

Paper Bead Purses
The link doesn’t work no more, look instead for the Google image search result for ‘paper bead purse’.
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Paper Beads Roller Video
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