Dutch Spiral Necklace

unikatissima Dutch Spiral

I don’t like the necklaces in Dutch Spiral technique soo much, but I tried it out to see how it is.
In principle it’s nothing else than tubular peyote (instructions see below) where you work a bead loop in one place.
Because I didn’t like the very broad loop part with 18 beads in the instruction I only used 6 beads per loop.
Well, I like it and I was especially amazed again about how I get lost in the always similar moves and how much this relaxes me.
Perhaps I will make another looong necklace, just to relax ;-))

Dutch Spiral Necklace

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Tubular Peyote – even count (Tubular Peyote Stitch Instruction) (English)
Tubular Peyote – odd count (Odd count Tubular Peyote Stitch) (English)
Tubular Peyote (Schlauch-Peyote) (German): click ‘Anleitungen’ in the left navigational bar, select ‘Schlauch-Peyote mit gerader Perlenanzahl’ or ‘Schlauch-Peyote mit ungerader Perlenanzahl’

Links to different spiral techniques (German)