DerStandard Frufru

Well, doesn’t the ruffle pillow look merry?
I got a nice email (thanks, Barbara!) with a link to the article on the subject of ‘Frufru’ and she asked me whether I have heard about this.
My search for instructions actually provided only a video that seems to be an ad for the sewing machines where you can see how this is done.
But I don’t have the slightest idea whether this can be done with ‘normal’ sewing machines, too (mine at least can not ;-)).

Frufru (Frufru: Quietschbunte Knautschzone) (German)
(Ad)Video (maquinas fazer tapete) (Portuguese)

2 thoughts on “Frufru”

  1. After watching the videos i think perhaps you could do this with a regular ruffling foot. They are available for most machines and aren’t that expensive, but they do take a little bit of getting used too.
    Bring on the Frufru!

  2. Thank you, Jenny, for your comment.
    I think that this should be possible.
    But if my sewing machine doesn’t have such a ruffling foot I won’t be able to buy one, because I think that my machine is about 80 years old – I don’t get no more spare parts ;-)

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