Advent Calendars

It’s time to think about Advent calendars, therefore I compiled a list:

Older Advent calendars
I presented Advent calendars before.

Origami box Advent calendar
On the picture you can see my Advent calendar that I’m using for a couple of years now. I folded 24 Origami boxes (but I can’t remember where the instruction came from) that I’m filling every year anew.
Addendum: In the comments of the German entry Monika said, that you can get the instruction here.
unikatissima Advent Calendar

Boxes ‘Winter Village’ Advent calendar
In the same way as these picture boxes you can easily make a whole winter village with 24 houses ;-)
Art Attack Advent calendar.jpg

Octagonal Advent calendar
via: Projects gallery advent calendar
That’s no instruction, but I find it a beautiful inspiration.
Two Peas in a Bucket Advent calendar

Story Advent calendar
I don’t have a picture from this: quite a long time ago I selected a story where I knew that the addressee will like it, bought a pocket book with the story and cut the pages from the book.
I put the pages into 24 little packages, so that the addressee could read a part of the story every day.
Admittedly I found it very hard to destroy the book ;-)

Printable Advent calendar
There seem to be a lot of these, if I can believe the results of the Google search for ‘Printable Advent Calendar’ and the results of the Google image search for it ;-)

Another printable Advent calendar
This one simply looked a bit different ;-)
Petit Elefant Advent calendar

Initials Advent calendar
via: Creative Advent Calendars
I find the Advent calendar initials simply wonderful :)
Vincent Caplier Advent calendar

Easy graphic Advent calendar
via: Advent Round-up
Happy Mundane Advent calendar

Envelope Advent calendar
via: Advent Round-up
d Sharp Journal Advent calendar

Paper garland Advent calendar
via: Advent Round-up part deux
mer mag Advent calendar

Coloured window Advent calendar
via: Creative Advent Calendars
The Quince Tree Advent calendar

Photo Advent calendar
The Crafts Dept Advent calendar

Cookies Advent calendar
Of course you can always make a cookies Advent calendar with your favourite cookies receipe ;-)
FamilyFun Advent calendar

Gingerbread Advent calendar
They’re baking here a gingerbread tile and glue on beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies with sugar. Every day you’ll get a gingerbread cookie and on the last day the gingerbread tile.
Gingerbread Fun Advent calendar

Knitted Bag Advent calendar
via: Julkalender 2009 Christmas Calendar by Johanna Wallin
Knit every day a little piece and get a cute bag on Christmas :)
jdw blog-city Advent calendar

Knitted Hats and Mittens Advent calendar
Apron Strings Advent calendar

Knitted Little Hats Advent calendar
The last link on the page is the PDF file (~ 370 KB) with the (German!) instruction.
landlust Advent calendar

Jeans Pocket Advent calendar
via: fun advent calendars (round up)
The link to the original Advent calendar doesn’t work any more, but the photo is inspiration enough ;-)
roadside scholar Advent calendar

Socks Advent calendar
Once I bought 12 pairs of cotton socks that fitted the addressee’s feet ;-), attached them to a cord and filled them.
It looked funny ;-)