Design your own Lace with YouKnits


Did you knit the Lace Knitters Advent Calendar 2010?
And did you like the way the patterns flowed into each other?

I designed and published now a lot of patterns, called YouKnits, that you simply can combine and design your own lace pattern with.

    You can download three files for free:

  • the basic set, which contains eight basic square patterns and all triangles, that you can e.g. use for triangle shawls,
  • the how-to, a detailed instruction on how to combine YouKnits and
  • eine deutsche Kurzanleitung (a short German instruction).

Because it is usually not so easy to imagine how a pattern will look, there is the free YouKnits designer: you compose your pattern, click ‘make PDF’ and get a PDF file that you can save on your harddisk.

    The file contains:

  • an overview picture of your personal YouKnits design,
  • for large patterns a page reference chart (shows which part of the YouKnits distribution chart is printed on which page),
  • the YouKnits distribution chart (shows the order in which YouKnits have to be worked) and
  • a list of all the YouKnits you used in your personal pattern with links to the appropriate ravelry pages.

I think it’s best if you simply go and play around with the YouKnits designer ;-)
By the way, you can find there also a list of frequently asked questions and a Youknits designer description.

Oh, you’ve knitted enough shawls and scarves already?
No problem, I thought about what else to knit with the YouKnits and that’s what I came up with:

Well, that’s a lot, isn’t it? ;-)
By the way, in all examples I included some that only use the basic set :)
You can find the scarf of the picture at the YouKnits lace example shawl and at the moment I’m knitting a vest of this kind.

unikatissima’s ravelry store

Here at unikatissima:
YouKnits designer
ist of frequently asked questions about the YouKnits designer
Youknits designer description