Paper Beads

Paper Beads

I always loved paper beads, but never knew what to do with them. Then one day I created an artist book (more to follow in a later entry) and – eureka! – I found a use for those paper beads: I wanted to use them on the fibers embellishing the spine of my book (see photo). For those beads I used an advertisement flyer from a furniture dealer with lots of sofas in matching colours. They just had the right size for the beads ;-)
To make the beads I used those instructions on how to make paper and fabric beads.
It can also be used to make the fabric beads I mentioned before.
Later on I found an entry at craftster: A bowl made out of paper beads! I stood there in awe!
But I think that I never will make such a bowl – it’s all a question of having or not having patience ;-)

Instructions on how to make paper and fabric beads A website with sooo many craft ideas, inspirations and tutorials
A bowl made out of paper beads

Here at unikatissima:
Making Fabric Beads

4 thoughts on “Paper Beads”

  1. Die Schale bei craftster finde ich sehr hübsch. Aber sie ist nicht sooo einfach zu machen. Die Papierperlen müssen in der Grösse gut zueinander passen, damit sie sich ineinanderfügen und es keine unschönen Lücken gibt. Ich habs versucht!

  2. Meinen vollen Respekt – allein schon für den Versuch. ;-))
    Ich hätte niiie die Geduld dafür.

    The previous comment said that the bowl at craftster is lovely but not soo easy to make. The paper bead sizes must match properly to prevent unattractive gaps from forming. Waltraut tried it.

    I have full respect for everybody who does – or even tries – it ;-))
    I never, ever had the patience.

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