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Recently on a weekend I wanted to knit 78 rows. I always loose count, because I simply don’t like to keep a tally where I must lay the needles out of my hands.
And I didn’t have the right beads for a row counter bracelet or the wire for a knitting row counter, so I crocheted quickly something from stash yarn ;-)

My crocheted row counter consists of 2x nine connected loops (you can take ten loops too, what you prefer).
For the first loop I crocheted 9 chains, then always 5 chains and a treble treble in the first of the 5 chains.

Then I colour marked the first and the fifth loop (embroidered with different coloured yarn).

Technically you should use the row counter after the edge stitch, but I’ve used yarn that is slightly too thick and used my row counter before the row.
The disadvantage is then, that the row counter always glides over the whole needle, but I’ve been satisfied anyhow with my first shot from the hip ;-)

Technically too I should steam my row counter because it curls, but I could use it anyhow.

Well, and now the use: For me the yellow row counter counts the one place digits, the green one the tens place digits.
I pick up the next loop on my needle every other row when I come along, I’m counting thus double rows.
I don’t plan to knit more than 198 rows in an item, so two row counters are well enough for me ;-)

After having done the ninth loop of the yellow row counter I’m taking the first loop of the green row counter on my needle = row 10.
From row 11 on I use the first loop of the yellow (= 1) and the first loop of the green row counter (= 10) on my needle = row 11. etc. etc.

It worked well for me in any case and I’m nearly looking forward to knitting my next item where I have to knit a lot of rows ;-)


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