Lace Knitters Advent Calendar 2016

unikatissima’s Lace Winter Rose

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unikatissima's lace knitter's advent calendar 2016
This year you find here on the 24 days of Advent the instructions for a shawl that is symmetrically patterned lengthwise.
The patterns comprises amongst others net lace, leaf lace and diamond lace parts which I combined to a harmonious pattern.
The repeat of 24 stitches allows you to decide on the width of your shawl by simply knitting more or less repeats.
You can also adapt the length because there will be a lengthening pattern in the middle for you to lengthen the shawl should you like to.
On day 12 you will learn more about this.
And as always: shouldn’t you need a shawl make simply a table runner from :)

The photo gives you an idea about your shawl (hopefully ;-)) without spoiling the surprise.
(And if you should be curious: there are more pictures ;-))

Note: at ravelry you can find the group unikatissima
where you can discuss this pattern and my other patterns, too and where you can show us your wip (work in progress).
You can register at ravelry with your username and a valid email address only, with all other information about you it’s up to you whether you give them (at least it was like this when I registered ;-)).

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About the pattern:

  1. The shawl has this year
    * a lengthwise symmetrical pattern with net lace, leaf lace and diamond lace parts,
    * a 24 stitches repeat which allows you to knit the shawl as wide as you like and
    * a lengthening pattern that you can knit in the middle of the shawl as often as you like to adapt the length of the shawl to your liking. You will learn more about this on day 12.
  2. The pattern
    * is a multiple of 24 pattern stitches + 3 start/end stitches + 2 or more edge stitches,
    * has total 434 rows without lengthening patterns.
    * The lengthening pattern has 24 rows and will be knitted after day 12 if necessary. You will learn more about this on day 12.
    * The daily instructions contain each as well charts as written instructions.
  3. To knit the shawl you need
    * yarn with needles in appropriate size (the shawl looks as beautiful knitted in lace yarn as in fingering or bulkier yarn),
    * know-how about knitting yarn overs and different decreases and
    * if you like stitch markers to mark the repeats.
  4. If you want to make the shawl
    * broader/narrower simply adjust the number of repeats;
    * shorter,
        – use smaller needle sizes and/or
        – finer yarn and/or
        – knit less loose;
    * longer
        – knit one or more lengthening patterns after day 12 and/or
        – use larger needles and/or
        – bulkier yarn and/or
        – knit more loose.

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About the finished item:

Please bear in mind: the size always depends on your gauge and also on the way you knit – I’m always knitting very loosely.

This year I knitted only one shawl.

For my shawl I used
* 3 repeats
* without lengthening pattern
* with about 605 m turquoise Vendita cotton yarn (50 g have about 115 m)
* with 4 mm needles to
* a total of 33418 stitches and
* got a shawl of about 15,7″ x 63″ (this are about 40 x 160 cm).
I knitted the daily pattern parts in a little bit more than 30 min.

The cotton yarn is from the so-called Vendita Frühlings­sortiment (Vendita Spring kit) and I don’t find it soo suitable for Advent, but I knitted the shawl in fact in Spring :)

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How it works

You do not have to register or the like for unikatissima’s Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2016: starting with December 1, 2016 every day a ‘little door’ opens and the instructions for the next part will be unlocked.

Well, further down you will find the links to the daily instructions from December 1, 2016 on :) and you only have to come here every day of December and download the instructions of the respective day.

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Deutsche Version:

Du kannst diese Seite auch auf Deutsch lesen.

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The daily instructions:

Please note, that you agree to my terms of use by using my patterns.
You will find them on the last page of each file.

unikatissima’s Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2016 is called now Lace Winter Rose – and is still as beautiful, no matter if it is made in fine cotton for Summer or warming wool for Winter :)

If you liked unikatissima’s Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2016 and want to support me you can donate here a sum that you feel appropriate:

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More pictures:

(clicking on a picture will ‘sent’ you to Lace Winter Rose at ravelry where there are larger pictures)

unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose   unikatissima's Lace Winter Rose

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  1. Difficulties downloading the pattern

    Some of you may have problems downloading the pattern of day 2.
    Please empty your cache, then it should work.
    If you don’t know how to do this, please look in internet for ‘empty cache’, that’s different for every browser.

    Good success and enjoy!

  2. I just love your patterns. The directions are so clear and easy to follow. The project always turns out beautiful. Thank you

  3. I am confused. I downloaded files 1 – 9 and they each were titled inside the file as 2016. However, starting with file 10 they are titled inside the file as 2015 and look identical to the files from last year’s advent exercise. Am I doing something wrong or are the links not pointed at the correct files for this year? I tested it for #10 – #15 and each said 2015 and had a different filename (ilex rather than winter rose). Thanks.

  4. Suzanne Pratt,

    that is confusing!
    You must have downloaded the files from last year’s Advent calendar, because file #14 only opened today and file #15 isn’t available yet.
    Also when I tried to download the files I got the right files.

    Please try it again on this page and should you have the same problem, please clear your cache.
    Shouldn’t you know how to, please search for ‘clear cache’ in internet, it is different for every browser.
    Good success!

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