Terms of Use

Use of the patterns

Important note: These are the terms of use for most of my tutorials and patterns.
If they differ, you will always find it mentioned prominently.

All content (text, pictures, etc) of my tutorials and patterns are protected by copyright.
The documents/files are for your personal use only.

    You may

  • create items from my instructions,
  • adapt/vary the patterns and
  • sell the finished items,
  • print a copy of the files for your personal use only and
  • set a link to my blog (www.unikatissima.de/e/) or my ravelry pages (www.ravelry.com/designers/susann-hajjar) to tell friends of the respective document;
    • not share the files:

    • no (re)sale of files or printed copies of the documents,
    • no distribution for free or loan, nor digitally nor on paper,
    • no publication in internet (e.g. forums, blogs, etc) or any other medium;
  • not mass produce items from my instructions/patterns;
  • not claim the instructions/patterns as your own.

It would be great if you gave credit to unikatissima – I really would appreciate this! Thank you.

Return policy

Up until now I’m only offering PDF’s and due to the nature of downloadable items, they cannot be returned or refunded.

Shipping costs

Up until now I’m only offering PDF’s and so no shipping costs incur.

Privacy policy

Collected data is only saved if necessary to fulfill legal requirements.