Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2013

unikatissima’s Lace Wintersweet

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unikatissima's lace knitter's advent calendar 2013
Knit a beautiful Estonian lace inspired shawl on the 24 days of Advent, every day a little bit.
In case that you don’t need a shawl simply make it a tablerunner :)

The picture just gives you an idea of what you will knit but (hopefully ;-)) don’t spoil the surprise.
(And if you’re curious: there are more pictures ;-))

Note: There is the group unikatissima at ravelry where you can discuss this pattern and my other patterns, too and where you can show us your wip (work in progress).
You can register at ravelry with your username and a valid email address only, with all other information about you it’s up to you whether you give them (at least it was like this when I registered ;-)).

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About the pattern:

  1. This year the pattern is designed lengthwise symmetrical and not meant to be repeated in height but its width is variable.
  2. The pattern is
    * a multiple of 12 + 19 stitches including edge stitches and
    * the total length are 438 rows.
  3. If you want
    * to make it broader/narrower simply adjust the number of repeats;
    * to make it shorter
        – use smaller needles and/or
        – finer yarn and/or
        – knit less loose;
    * to make it longer
        – use larger needles and/or
        – thicker yarn and/or
        – knit more loose.

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About the finished items:

Please bear in mind: the size always depends on your gauge and also on the way you knit – I’m always knitting very loosely.

For the tablerunner (red) I
* knitted 5 repeats with
* about 290 m red cotton crochet thread (100 g ca. 580 m)
   (290 m are about 318 yards – 580 m are about 635 yards) with
* 3,5 mm needles (US between 3 and 5) and
* got a tablerunner of about 25 x 130 cm (about 10 x 51 inches).
Depending on my daily energie I knitted a daily pattern section in appr. 25 min.

For every placemat (red) I
* knitted about 140 m red cotton crochet thread (100 g ca. 580 m)
   (290 m are about 153 yards – 580 m are about 635 yards) with
* 3,5 mm needles (US between 3 and 5) and
* got placemats of about 27 x 39 cm (about 11 x 15 inches).
I knitted a placemat in appr. 3 hours 25 min.

For the shawl (rose) I
* knitted 5 repeats with
* about 441 m rose acrylic lace yarn (100 g ca. 900 m)
   (441 m are about 483 yards – 900 m are about 985 yards) with
* 4 mm needles (US 5-6) and
* got a shawl of about 37 x 124 cm (about 15 x 49 inches).
Depending on my daily energie I knitted a daily pattern section in appr. 40 min.

For the scarf (bordeaux) I
* knitted 2 repeats with
* about 606 m acrylic yarn (200 g ca. 665 m)
   (yarn weight similar to sock yarn)
   (606 m are about 663 yards – 665 m are about 727 yards) with
* 4 mm needles (US 5-6) and
* got a scarf of about 22 x 165 cm (about 9 x 65 inches).
Depending on my daily energie I knitted a daily pattern section in appr. 20 min.
Note: The scarf was knitted with an early (and not so beautiful ;-)) version of the pattern. The number of stitches/rows is however the same.

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Deutsche Version:

Du kannst diese Seite auch auf deutsch lesen.

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The daily instructions:

Please note, that you agree to my terms of use (PDF ~59 KB) by using my patterns.

Download the symbols and abbreviations (PDF ~49 KB).

Important note: It seems that some of you with mobile devices can’t read my PDFs.
Most of my PDFs are password protected against copying and I’m sure that there are more of this kind of PDFs out there.
If that’s the case please check the appropriate app stores for ‘PDF reader’ or ‘PDF viewer’ apps, there should be at least one that will make it possible to read the files.

The placemat:

Part of Lace Wintersweet gives beautiful placemats matching the tablerunner:
unikatissima's lace pattern wintersweet - placemats
Download the placemat pattern (PDF ~ 543 KB)

If you like Lace Wintersweet and want to support me you can donate here a sum that you feel appropriate:

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More pictures:

(clicking on a picture ‘sends’ you to Lace wintersweet at ravelry where the pictures are larger)

unikatissima's lace wintersweet - tablerunner   unikatissima's lace wintersweet - placemats

unikatissima's lace wintersweet - tablerunner   unikatissima's lace wintersweet - tablerunner   unikatissima's lace wintersweet - tablerunner

unikatissima's lace wintersweet - shawl   unikatissima's lace wintersweet - shawl

unikatissima's lace wintersweet - scarf   unikatissima's lace wintersweet - scarf

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23 thoughts on “Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2013”

  1. I would love to make this lace shawl it is really beautiful. Thanks for doing the calender again this year. This is the first time I have seen this.

  2. I really love the shawl, cannot wait to start. It looks stunning.
    Question: I think of starting with an Estionian border and maybe even knit one on both sides too. Is that possible you think?

  3. Thank you very much Susann. I already join the group a while ago, set up a project page but forgot to put a message in the inteoductions forum. All done now! Looking forward to this Advent knit! Sure I will enjoy it very much :-)

  4. Thank you so much for this generous Advent gift, Susann! I have the perfect scarlet yarn in my stash, and this is its destiny.

  5. I’ve only just now found you, so my plan is to get all of next year’s gift-knitting and crocheting done far enough in advance that, if you do this again next year, I won’t feel guilty taking some time knitting for myself!

  6. Ehschwab,

    you’re welcome and I’d be honoured if you took part next year, but why don’t you spare some time in January/February to make you a beautiful Spring shawl?
    Although I named the pattern ‘wintersweet’ it looks as wonderful (possibly knitted with a different yarn) in every other season :)

  7. I saw the Lace Wintersweet and it is lovely. One of the gals in our Guild knitted it and I sat there in awe looking at it.

  8. I have just started the Advent 2013 in light pink. I am loving the way you’ve clearly displayed the easy to follow charts in only a few lines each day! I think I’d have less trouble following lace charts if they weren’t so large in one diagram! I just have two questions. One is, why, every so often do I find myself one or two stitches short and then the magically reappear? The second question…I will be blocking it, and it is 100% wool, so it will stretch quite a bit. I’m only doing two repeats of the centre stitches, therefore 45 stitches. I’ve just pinned it after doing 120 rows and hope it will come out much longer and wider than I see.
    Are your sweater patterns all as easy? They look like flat, geometrical shapes, and I’d like to do one…
    Thank you for your free gifts!


  9. Jan,

    sorry that I am so late answering, I couldn’t do so sooner.

    First of all: thank you for knitting (and liking :)) my pattern!

    I am sorry, but I don’t know why you find yourself one or two stitches short and then they magically reappear.
    When I knitted the pattern this never happened to me, but I am glad that the magic works :)

    As for your second question I didn’t quite catch what you want to know.
    And I don’t know either what sweater patterns you refer to, because I only have shawl patterns.

    Sorry that I couldn’t help you better.
    Though I’ve seen your pictures at ravelry and loved every single one :)

    Edited to add: I’ve seen your pictures of the finished scarf and I am glad that you are so happy with it :)
    Thank you for showing them!

  10. These are so lovely!
    Great idea to knit an advent shawl! Thank you
    so much for these patterns!

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