Freeform Embroidery

Freeform Embroidery - Freeform Sticken

On the photo you see my idea of Freeform Embroidery which was highly inspired by ‘Rock Pool’ and ‘Laying It On The Line’.

I used a piece of old (but clean! ;-)) bedsheet as base. First I laid some worsted and funky yarns on it which I fixed with couching stitches (at the top of the photo). Then I stitched some french knots (light yellow on the photo). Below is my first attempt at ply-split braiding which I fixed with some couching stitches too.

It is one of my many UFOs (‘unfinished objects’), but one day I will come back to it ;-)

Inspirations: ‘Rock Pool’ / ‘Laying It On The Line’

English Embroidery Stitch Diagrams
Deutsche Stickstichbeschreibungen

Couching stitches (English)
Couching stitches (German)

French knots (English)
French knots (German)

Ply-split Braiding: a (very) short description and resources
PDF Ply-split tutorials by Peter Collingwood (scroll down)

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

I once braid a Friendship Bracelet, but in just one colour. The ones at Heather’s Friendship Bracelets are so beautiful because of the different colour patterns she presents.

I haven’t done them yet, but they are on my to-do list (together with a gazillion of other things to try ;-))

Heather’s Friendship Bracelets
Note: even though there’s written something about a move I could stilll reach the links
Friendship Bracelet – first pattern of first set

Cardboard Weaving Frame

Cardboard Weaving Frame

Once I wanted to create a picture frame with a woven border. I simply made a cardboard loom with an opening where I wanted to put the picture.
Cardboard Loom It worked out well, but I didn’t really like it when finished ;-)
I wanted to share anyway.
The sketch shows how to wrap the yarn.
If you want to see it better, enlarge the picture by clicking on it.
If you want to know how to weave on a cardboard loom, see the Links below.

Tutorial on how to weave with a cardboard loom
Tutorial on how to weave with a cardboard loom

Cardboard Box Loom

Cardboard Box Loom

I really wanted to try weaving, but I was not keen on buying a loom without knowing if I like weaving.
After some surfing I found All Fiber Arts, a website with so many instructions about – yeah, all fiber arts ;-))
I will get back there later again writing about another subject.
But for today: The instruction on how to build a loom using a cardboard box and how to weave on it was a great help.
I tried it with remains from my yarn stash and wove a little piece of fabric. This little piece of fabric stayed an UFO (unfinished object) since then, because I find weaving not so much fun then I expected it to be ;-))
And so I didn’t bother to take a photo.
At any rate I’m grateful to All Fiber Arts, because they prevented me from buying something expensive that I didn’t really need. :-)

All Fiber Arts: A website with information, instructions and much more about everything concerning fiber arts
Instruction on how to build a loom using a cardboard box and how to weave on it