Carpet Sample Crafts

unikatissima Carpet Sample Crafts

I found something new to collect: carpet samples!
What for? For instance for a rocking chair, a pet house or a fancy vase.
Simply take a look at Ample Sample Ample Sample (scroll down to 2008 winners).
And the best of all: For all those things they offer instructions.
Crazy! ;-))

Ample Sample Winners
Tutorial moved to: Ample Sample Winners => scroll down to 2008 winners

Papier-mâché Faux Bois

poopscape Papier-mache Faux Bois

I’ve seen several paper maché objects, but jars looking like stumps are still something special to me.
Something especially cute ;-))

I’m not totally sure that I should make them myself ;-), but I liked them so much that I wanted to present them here.

Furthermore I didn’t know this paper maché preparation, I really like to give a try some day.

Papier-mâché Faux Bois
via One Pretty Thing

Felting Buttons

unikatissima Felting Buttons

I presented already several tutorials with the subject ‘felting’ but I always discover more that I find brilliant and where I would never have had the idea myself.
One of them is the idea to felt buttons (German with good explaining photos).


unikatissima Felting Buttons I have lots of old buttons and as you can see on the photo not all look very nice.

I like the felted button much better, even though it was nothing but a first test.
I think that I could even embroider it, just like the needle felted bead cabochons and the bottlecap pincushions.

Felting Buttons (Knöpfe umfilzen) (German with good explaining photos)
via faserfimmel

Descriptions of embroidery stitches (English)
Descriptions of embroidery stitches (German)

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Fun Recycled Food Package Lights

unikatissima Recycled Food Package Lights

I found an instruction on how to make fun lights from ‘silly’ food packages.
I really like them and wanted to try them immediately.
Therefore I took a look at my kitchen and found the joghurt cup. I thought that the light should shine through and I began with pricking some ‘test holes’.
Looks interesting, doesn’t it?


unikatissima Recycled Food Package Lights In fact I found the hole pattern around the lettering the most interesting.


unikatissima Recycled Food Package Lights What I also liked was that the lower holes made a nice light pattern.


Fidgety Fingers: Fun Recycled Food Package Lights
via Junk Mail Gems – DIY Christmas Gifts from Inhabitat

Beverage Carton Crochet

(Click photo to enlarge)
Once I’ve seen a fashion photo where I’ve been really impressed by the garment.
Recently, when I drank my apple juice, I thought: ‘Yes, that’s the right material in the right colour for this!’


Therefore I figured out how to make it.

And that’s what you do:

First cut the (washed! ;-)) beverage carton in pieces and, if you like, you can arrange the pieces in a pattern that suits you best (best done on a stiff pad, then you can carry it away carefully, if necessary).

I cut my pieces just as I liked to (there is another garment), but regular shapes, square e.g. are not bad either. They were used in yet another garment (here a detail photo).


I didn’t arrange anything and on this photo I’m checking whether the piece fits at this place.


Subsequently prick holes into the cardboard. Try to get a regular spacing between the holes.

Please note that the holes may not be placed too closely to the edge!
I had to throw away some of my snippets because the thread ripped the hole.


That’s how my snippet looked like after the piercing from both sides.
The cardboard has a nice silver coloured internal coating which makes also the backside look good.


Afterwards I took my pierced snippet and surrounded it using a tapestry needle with button hole stitches with cotton thread.


The surrounding is finished.

I worked quite loosely to 1. get on easier with the crochet (see next step) and 2. keep my snippet in shape.


Afterwards I crocheted single crochet stitches single crochet stitches around the surrounding thread with the same thread.
Mostly I crocheted 2 single crochet stitches, sometimes even 3.
At the corners I crocheted 1 to 2 chain stitches chain stitches between the single crochets.


I then worked chains chains of about 5 stitches into the single crochets.


I joined the chains chains with the chains of the already finished item immediately when crocheting.


That’s what I’ve done until now.
I can imagine making a sommer vest from it, a belt or the top flap of a cute purse.
But I haven’t decided yet ;-))


My inspiration at Marella Ferrera Alta Moda:
Fall/Winter 98/99 – L’Isola dei Ciclopi
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Terracotta
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Ceramica
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Ceramica – Detail

Embroidery stitches:
Button hole stitch instruction (English)
Button hole stitch instruction (German)

Crochet stitches:
Chain (English)
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Chain (English)
Chain (German)

Single crochet (English)
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
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Single crochet (German)

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Candle Lit Photo Stands

unikatissima Candle Lit Photo Stand

When there comes the time again where you can sit on your patio and dine with friends (ok, ok, it will still take some time, but a woman can dream ;-)), the candle lit photo stands can make a romantic atmosphere.
In the instruction they print their own photos on vellum and glue them on, I preferred my favourite gift wrap.
Besides you should also be able to use the topmost layer of the used paper napkins (possibly glued on vellum), then everything matches even better.

Photo Centerpiece

Tray from Picture Frame

unikatissima Tray from Picture Frame

I found an instruction on how to turn an old picture frame into a tray (German).
They painted everything, but I thought: Why not ‘using up’ my crochet stars lying around and make something really kitschy for once? ;-)
I didn’t hammer together anything yet, but I may.
That is to say I’m not sure how much kitsch I really can bear ;-))

They use a new orange glass panel from the glazier and some paint on the frame. Additionally they hammered a wooden board to the backside to give it some hold.

Tray from Picture Frame (Alte Sachen – neuer Look) (German)