Spraypainting Accessories

flickr OutsaPop Spraypainting Accessories

A great idea again: customize accessories to your clothes with spray paints.
This way you can make i.e. comfortable shoes for dancing matching your ball dress ;-)
Or follow the ideas of Buy Nothing Day and revamp a by now shabby handbag to match your newest coat.
You also could have coloured one of your boots in red and fill it with some sweets ;-))

Spraypainting Accessories

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Tie Feathers Dress
Buy Nothing Day

Cold Porcelaine

espritcabane Cold Porcelaine

With the recipe for cold porcelaine you can mix an air-drying clay with which you can make jewelry, beads and similar things.
I find air-drying a big advantage against fimo and similar polymer clays which have to be baked. I always need a good ventilation for the baking which I find hard to realize with cold weather.
And you can put the jewelry or the beads i.e. into the advent calendar boxes :)

Cold Porcelaine
Cold Porcelaine (Porcelaine froide) (French)

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Aluminium Can Jewelry

espritcabane Aluminum Can Jewelry

I love recycling tutorials and therefore this tutorial on how to make aluminium can jewelry should hit the spot.
Additionally I really like the items, better than others.

But I haven’t bought aluminium cans for years and I don’t think that I will begin to buy them now just to make jewelry from the them ;-))

Aluminium Can Jewelry

Paper Flowers

instructables Simple Paper Flowers

I found at instructables a tutorial on how to make paper flowers.
It seems to be quite easy and they are looking amazingly beautiful!

When the gift wrapping begins soon this can be a wonderful decoration.
But it could be also a beautiful pin for a beautiful woman ;-))

At instructables: Simple Paper Flowers