Beaded Dragon Strap

Beaded Dragon Strap

Today I’d like to present a beautiful Peyote strap with saw teeth, Sally’s Dragon Strap.
To work a Peyote strap is ‘easy’ (for tutorials see links below), but following this pattern is more difficult and figuring out how to add those saw teeth is great ;-)

Beaded Dragon Strap Beadwork: A website with lots of tutorials about beadwork
Odd Count Flat Peyote Tutorial A website with lots of (german) tutorials about beadwork:
click on ‘Anleitungen’ in the sidebar left and there select ‘Flaches Peyote mit ungerader Perlenanzahl’

Loom Woven Bead Bracelet

Loom Woven Bead Bracelet

When working with beads I also wanted to try loom weaving – just to see, how it works ;-)
On the photo you can see both sides of my self-woven bracelet with a self-designed pattern. It was very easy and I like the simple elegance of the pattern.
Because I created the bracelet for me, I didn’t need a closure, I can simply slip the bracelet over my hand.

Make your own bead loom (with explaining pictures)

Tutorial on Bead Loom Weaving
Another tutorial on Bead Loom Weaving
Another tutorial on Bead Loom Weaving

Two very good pictures (in English text): select in the left sidebar ‘Woven Beadwork’ and scroll down
Two very good pictures (in German text): select in the left sidebar ‘Gewebtes’ and scroll down

Tips to bead weaving (German) at click on ‘Tipps + Tricks’ in the sidebar left and select there ‘Tipps zum Perlenweben’

Kumihimo Beads

Kumihimo Beads - Kumihimo Perlen

This Thursday’s 2nd challenge Beaded Beauties gave me the opportunity to do something I wanted to do for a long time: making Kumihimo beads.
Kumihimo is a Japanese technique to braid beautiful cords, but then: what do I do with the cord? It’s way too beautiful (and too labour-intensive! ;-)) to be used as a shoelace for instance.
I thought that it would make wonderful beads, but usually the braids are finished by wrapping some string around the braid and such beads would be much too long.


Kumihimo Beads - Kumihimo Perlen Therefore I figured out how to make my own Kumihimo beads.
The technique is far from perfect and I hope that you will try it and give suggestions to enhance the technique.

On the first two photos you see Kumihimo beads I made, the blue ones with cotton thread and the black and white ones with acrylic yarn.
All beads were made with 4 light and 4 dark coloured yarns, but I changed the initial positions on my cardboard Kumihimo disk.
You see at the surrounding seed beads how tiny my Kumihimo beads are.


Kumihimo Beads - Kumihimo Perlen What to do:
Make your Kumihimo cord. I worked about 20 rounds.
When finished, pull all threads into the bead.

And that’s where the problem lies:
If you make the Kumihimo cord ‘the normal way’ you won’t have enough place into the bead to pull all 16 threads in (8 threads at each side of the bead).
I tried different techniques to ‘reserve’ a place for the thick bunch of threads. The best one I found was making a bundle of 8 threads of the same gauge and using it as ‘filler’, that means, working around them (see third photo).


Kumihimo Beads - Kumihimo Perlen The Kumihimo beads are from fabric and can be stitched however you want. On this photo I surrounded my Kumihimo bead by seed beads and made a kind of Freeform Peyote Pendant.

This Thursday’s 2nd challenge Beaded Beauties

unikatissima’s Kumihimo How-to
unikatissima’s Freeform Peyote How-to


Beaded Rings and Headbands

Beaded Rings and Headbands

Beading is such a versatile technique and once I found some quick and simple projects: beaded rings and headbands.
The headbands are made in flat netting technique and as daisy chains, the rings are made in brick stitch, which isn’t difficult, too (the site provides links and diagrams who explain/show how to do the different stitches).

I like the flat netting technique, but beaded until now only small glass tubes (see photo).

Beaded Rings and Headbands (English) (with explaining diagrams)

African Needle Weaving Necklace

African Needleweaving

Once a found an instruction on how to work an african necklace using needle weaving (also called ‘pin weaving’). It’s a weaving technique that allows to easily create strange shaped fabrics and to incorporate beads into.
I played around with this technique and thought that it could as well be used for little bags, for bracelets and so forth.
Unfortunately it’s a technique that requires a lot patience – which I don’t have. ;-)
I’d love to hear what you think about!


African Needle Weaving Necklace