Home-built 3-D Printer

evilmadscientist Solid Freeform Fabrication

Evil Mad Scientist is always good for a surprise.
He presented a kind of home-built 3-D printer which works with sugar!
Great to make your Christmas tree ornaments ;-))

I really don’t think that I will build such an item, but I found it very interesting ;-)

At Evil Mad Scientist: Solid freeform fabrication: DIY, on the cheap, and made of pure sugar

Handmade Background Stamps

Laurie Gatlin Background Stamps

I found a very inspiring tutorial on how to make backgound stamps tutorial on how to make backgound stamps.
I say inspiring, because she shows photos of her beautiful backgrounds.


unikatissima Background Stamps At my Artist-Book I could have done with the stamps, instead I stamped every single diamond.
But it was great, too ;-)

Handmade Background Stamps: unfortunately the link isn’t available no more.

Here at unikatissima: Artist-Book


Making Positive Plaster Moulds

unikatissima Making Positive Plaster Moulds.jpg

I always wanted to make moulds from plaster but I never quite knew how to. At craftster I found now a tutorial on how to make positive plaster moulds.
I’d like to begin casting the stone, so that I eventually have something to wrap, paint or bead.
Or I try it first with half a cork, I think that could be a nice pendant.
Somewhen ;-)

At craftster:
Making Positive Plaster Moulds

Here at unikatissima: Wrap a Rock (with lace or poymer clay or paint, embroider, felt, crochet, bead)