Doodle Bags

Textile Ideen Doodle Bags

Doesn’t the bag look great?
There’s even a short instruction (actually it doesn’t have to be longer ;-)):
They are putting a cardboard into the bag so that the dye don’t bleed through to the back side, then they start to doodle the first item with a black fabric pen (washable!), after this the next item and the rest happens all by itself.
They say that the doodling is completely relaxing and that also children have much fun with it.

A Zentangles bag surely would look wonderful, too ;-)

Doodle Bags (Kritzeltaschen) (German):
Entry showing the picture
Short instruction

Here at unikatissima: Zentangles

Create a Travel Journal

craftster Create a Travel Journal

When I traveled I mostly wrote a kind of diary and afterwards I often made a photo album. I’ve never had the idea of creating a real travel journal.
Next time I really want to give it a try – in the same way that is shown here.
And if it won’t happen for any reason: you can certainly create a travel journal of a fictitious travel, too (best wishes to all those who think that I’m talking about them ;-))).

Ideas for Creating a Travel Journal