Mini Recycle Bin Books

erinzam Mini Recycle Bin Books

People who craft a lot with paper often have many interesting papers laying around, but mostly scrap you can only make cards from.
But now I found a tutorial on how to make mini recycle bin books, which I find great!

Soon I will have to comb through my piles ;-))

Mini Recycle Bin Books

Easily Remove Pages From Books

unikatissima Easily Remove Pages From Books.jpg

If you want to make Altered Books or Artist Books, or maybe book purses, or you want possibly remove individual book pages to make a beautiful card, then the tutorial on how to easily remove pages from books may be helpful: you moist a thread, lay it into the book at the place where you want to remove a page, close the book firmly, so that the moisture can enter the paper and then you can tear the paper cleanly.
It’s the same principle as for tearing paper, but here the moist line is certainly straight and much thinner.

At instructables: How to easily and cleanly remove pages from books

Here at unikatissima:
Artist Book
Notebook Purse
Tearing Paper

Shoulder Pad Purse

dianefitzgerald Shoulder Pad Purse

I find bags, purses and totes somehow interesting, especially when made from unusual materials (although I think that I will always stick to my knapsack ;-)).
That is the reason why I like the shoulder pad purse (scroll down to “Shoulder Pad Mini-Purses,”) so much!
Unfortunately I have only found boring white shoulder pads.
Well, they’d never make a knapsack ;-))

Shoulder Pad Purse (scroll down to “Shoulder Pad Mini-Purses,”)
Note: When I downloaded the PDF file, it had about 2.5 MB.

String Decorated Ornaments

crealic String Decorated Ornament

A nice method to create beautiful Christmas tree ornaments (and much more) shows this tutorial on how to make string decorated ornaments (French).

It’s very easy:

  1. You choose the element to be decorated ((foam) sphere, box, paper bag etc.).
  2. Paint the pattern on with PVA glue (if necessary after sketching them with a pen).
  3. Put the string on the glue and fix with pins. The glue dries transparently.
  4. After the glue has dried, take away the pins and paint your ornament (or box or what ever you decorated). You can paint the string in another colour than the element. Additionally you can paint some little decorative patterns to lighten the background.

Best if you check the photos of the instruction, they explain every thing very well.

String Decorated Ornaments (Décors divers en ficelle) (French)

Recycle books

unikatissima Recycling Books

Soon it may be that you get lots of books. You want perhaps to get rid of some old books – or even some new ;-))
Via How to Make and Do-How to recycle Books I found a tutorial for a really great book lamp.
There you can find other good ideas, too.
Find more ideas at How can I Recycle This?, e.g. to make an Altered Book from.
Then I found a tutorial on how to make a book lampstand (which I don’t find as beautiful as the book lamp, but it ‘uses’ more books ;-)).
I also liked the Bookhooks and Romans a clef great as an inspiration for crafters ;-)
I guess that you can make jewelry stands in the same way?!
I also found the book book ends, the book safe and another book safe, the “Audiobook” (an iPod case), the book book shelf and and and … ;-)

Recycle books
… into a book lamp (at
    (via How to Make and Do-How to recycle Books and How can I Recycle This?)
… into a book lampstand
… into a coat hook
… into a key hanger (via Siebensachen)
… into an artist book (here at unikatissima)
… into book book ends (at
… into a safe (and another safe) (at
… into an iPod case (“Audiobook” ;-)) (at
… into a book book shelf (at
…and much more ;-)