Elastic Polymer Clay Bracelet

craftster Elastic Polymer Clay Bracelet

I found at craftster a fantastic instruction: how to make cute teapots from bulbs and polymer clay, how to make great candle holders from bulbs and polymer clay, how to make a genie lamp from bulbs and polymer clay (although she doesn’t say how to get a genie into the lamp ;-)) and how to make an elastic polymer clay bracelet from the left overs (ok, somewhen I had to come to the point ;-)).
Sheer lunacy! :)

Elastic Polymer Clay Bracelet (Trash to Treasure fun with lightbulbs!) – the instruction for the bracelet begins with the words ‘Ok, time for dessert.’

Tomato Tube Leaves

unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
Don’t those golden leaves look great?
A dear friend made them from (admittedly mustard ;-)) tubes and allowed me to show here how to make them.
Many thanks again!


That’s what you do:


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
You need a (clean and empty! ;-)) tube with golden internal coating, scissors and a wooden stick, e.g. a kebab skewer.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
I folded up the tube which was cut open on three sides and cut out two equal leaves.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
First I flattened the leaves slightly and then I put the kebab skewer in and pressed them lightly until the midrib of the leaf begun to show.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
Then I scratched the leaf ribs with the back of my kebab skewer from the backside of every leaf.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
Afterwards I reduced one leaf by cutting away an edge of about 3 mm.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
I put both leaves on top of one another and scratched the outline of the smaller leaf slightly with the tip of my kebab skewer into the larger leaf.
Then I cut the edge of the larger leaf from the rim to the scratched line of the smaller leaf about every 5 mm.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
I put both leaves on top of one another with the golden sites outwards and folded back the sections.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
At the end I stuck the kebab skewer between the leaves.

You can stuck it in also before folding back the sections, just as you like it.


unikatissima Tomato Tube Leaves
My friend additionally glued on the kebab skewer but we both don’t know if this is necessary ;-))


Have much fun decorating your flower boxes and garden flower beds :)

Sweater Scarf

Spun Magazine Sweater Arm Scarf

Once I found an instruction on how to make a scarf from felted old sweaters but the website doesn’t exist anymore.
The photo is from the website, click to enlarge.


That’s how they did it:

  1. Wash sweaters from 100% wool (mohair works fine, too) with some laundry detergent.
  2. Felt in dryer.
    Felting makes the fabric so dense that it doesn’t unravel when cut.
  3. Cut stripes from the sweaters in the width you want the scarf to be.
    The lengths will vary depending on the part of the sweater where you cut the piece.
    In the instruction they used mainly the arms.
  4. Eventually simply sew the pieces together, whether with a sewing machine or by hand.
    The seam can be used as a decorating element.
  5. The scarf can subsequently be embellished: with buttons, felted flowers, beads, pom-poms, fringes, embroidery and so on.

In fact I would like to have a cardigan-kind garment made with this technique, no scarf.
Therefore I went to several second hand stores to look for wool sweaters but found mostly sweaters from artificial material which don’t felt.
But I stay tuned ;-)

The original website that doesn’t exist anymore

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Weave Wrapped Bead Buttons

unikatissima Embroidered Bead Buttons

Once I found an instruction on making buttons by weave wrapping wooden beads and tried it immediatley with different weave patterns: It is great!
I really like the weave wrapping of the buttons and find that the results are too beautiful to be used as buttons, I like them more as beads ;-)

Weave Wrapped Bead Buttons – scroll down to ‘To construct this type of button,…’

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