Embroidered Rainbow Elephants Spiral

craftster Embroidered Rainbow Elephants Spiral

Doesn’t the Elephants spiral look cute?
However considering my physique I’d better embroider other animals, or flowers or even Paisleys ;-)

Embroidered Rainbow Elephants Spiral (*new black shirt* Rainbow elephants spiralling into space)

Google image search result for ‘flower embroidery pattern’
Google image search result for ‘paisley embroidery pattern’

Socks Necklace

flickr tabychan Socks Necklace

Na, doesn’t this sock necklace look great?! ;-)

And about the advent calendar: you can insert here easily little paper strips into the socks just as for the simple spool advent calendar and wham!, ready is your advent calendar ;-))

So, that’ve been the advent calendar ideas for this year, now you may begin…

socks necklace
More photos of recycled socks of tabychan

via: tabychan recycled work
via: Fiber Jewelery – Summer Fashion
via: art for housewives

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Paper Napkin Pillow

favecrafts Paper Napkin Pillow

I’m always impressed by all the great ideas out there: This time it’s about sewing yourself a pillow from paper napkins matching your home furnishings!
Seen like this it would be great for a picnic or similar, too: you can take pillows with you that match the other napkins ;-)
She said that the pillows are amazingly strong, somewhen I really have to try this ;-))

Thrifty Paper Napkin Pillow

Perfect Weight

craftster Perfect Scale

I told already that want to lose weight before I will crochet the bolero but I don’t find it easy.
How much better must it be if the scales tell me that my weight is ‘perfect’?

She made the scales with glass mosaic tiles but I think that it should be possible with selfmade mosaic tiles from polymer clay or glass paints or from plaster, resp. Or of course with a paper collage, best as paper crazy quilt. Or with eggshells.

Scales (Perfect Scale: Mosaic)
More scales (Perfect Scale Commision)

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Paper Roll Jewelry

CraftyPod Paper Roll Jewelry

Such a great idea again: simply begin just as for the coiled paper basket but stop quite soon and make from the rolls little pieces of jewelry.

I really have to try it with the folded paper strips of equal width!

Paper Roll Jewelry (Kind of a half-baked idea, but still…)

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