Paper Flower

unikatissima Paper Flower

I found an instruction for a nice paper flower and thought that this should work with self-coloured paper, too.
It did ;-)


unikatissima Paper Flower First I painted on a sheet of toilet paper with some markers.


unikatissima Paper Flower I dropped water on my ‘painting’, but it was a little too much water and everything swam.
In order not to get everything dirty I have put it luckily on an old little plastic bag.


unikatissima Paper Flower Therefore I put another sheet of toilet paper onto the first, the water and the dye dispersed on both.
I blow-dried everything to dry it faster ;-)


unikatissima Paper Flower I cut my papers by guess and by gosh, that is to say without a pre-sketched spiral and my scissors were quite blunt.


unikatissima Paper Flower That may be the reason why my little ‘roses’ look so beautiful ;-)


Paper Flower – the tutorial works backwards, you must always click the previous picture to get the next step

Spring Flower Necklace

beadjapan Spring Flower Necklace

I found a tutorial on how to make a Spring Flower Necklace.
Unfortunately I haven’t had time to make it yet, but I really want to in the future.
As you can see on the photo it has daisies just like the Beaded Daisy Chains, but they are beaded in a quite different way.

Really cute, isn’t it?

Spring Flower Necklace (with good explaining graphics)

Here at unikatissima:
Beaded Daisy Chains

Paper Flower Ornaments

unikatissima Paper Ornament

Soon you will need nice ornaments for New Year’s Eve and I find the paper flower ornaments cute.
On the photo you see a snap try (very fast, but not very accurate ;-)) with plain wrapping paper which is coloured at one side only: I suggest that you do no such thing!
First the paper is much too thin, therefore the ornaments don’t look so beautifully rounded as the originals.
Second is the fact, that the paper is printed on one side only silly: If you follow the instruction properly you get half a coloured and half a white flower.
Third it helps to work accurately, then the flower doesn’t look so messed up ;-))

Paper flower ornaments

Paper Flowers

instructables Simple Paper Flowers

I found at instructables a tutorial on how to make paper flowers.
It seems to be quite easy and they are looking amazingly beautiful!

When the gift wrapping begins soon this can be a wonderful decoration.
But it could be also a beautiful pin for a beautiful woman ;-))

At instructables: Simple Paper Flowers

Flower Pounding

Flower Pounding

One day I found a tutorial on flower pounding. It sounded strange to me and I was really surprised what people do to innocent flowers ;-) (we have already seen that people stitch flowers).
Anyhow, the results are stunning!
As you can see on the photo, mine aren’t: I pounded on tissue paper in place of fabric and did something wrong. But this experience showed me that I’m not the woman to wallop little flowers ;-))

Flower Pounding
Inspiration: Google image results for ‘Flower Pounding’

Here at unikatissima:
Stitched Flowers

Stitched Flowers

Stitched Flowers

While I was browsing through the projects of STITCH I found Precious Petals. They ‘glue’ the flowers on fabric and then embellish with decorative stitching.
A stunning idea which is still on my to-so list.


STITCH project: wonderful projects around stitching (how surprising ;-))