Crocheted LED Light Rug

BautaWitch Crocheted LED Light Rug

This is about the good idea of a crocheted LED light rug, not about the cat ;-)
It works just like the clothesline crochet :)


Crocheted LED Light Rug (DIY – Virkad matta med ljusslinga) (Swedish and English)
=> for English instruction scroll down to ‘Crochet rug with a rope of light made by BautaWitch (US)’
via: Crochet rug with light rope Made by BautaWitch…

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Clothesline Crochet

Candy Spoon

Princess Pinky Girl Candy Spoon

I have presented before the candy bowl and the candy shot glass. But you can also make from the candies yummy candy spoons which are still better than the party spoons and the chocolate dipped spoons ;-)


Candy Spoon (Peppermint Candy Spoons)
via: DIY Peppermint Candy Bowls

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Candy Bowl
Candy Shot Glass
Party Spoons
Chocolate Dipped Spoon

Glue Gun Snowflakes

Muslin and Merlot Glue Gun Snowflakes

A nice idea: make with a glue gun snowflakes and colour them with nail polish :)

But you can make much more with a glue gun :)


Glue Gun Snowflakes (Glue Gun Snowflakes!)
via: Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Make With A Glue Gun – 1. DIY Glue Gun Snow Flakes
via: Artisanat amusant à faire avec un pistolet à colle chaude…

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