Corrugated Cardboard Lampshade

Tutticarton Corrugated Cardboard Lampshade

Isn’t this a great idea with the corrugated cardboard lampshade?!

I find it much more beautiful than the corrugated cardboard lamp ;-)


Corrugated Cardboard Lampshade (Lustre Coupole dentelle de carton) (French)
=> this is not a tutorial but an inspiration

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Corrugated Cardboard Lamp

Beaded Frangipani Flowers

Petit Bout de Chou Beaded Frangipani Flowers

They are cute, the beaded Frangipani flowers, aren’t they? :)
And you can get more beaded flowers here in the blog!


Beaded Frangipani Flowers (Freebie of the Week: Frangipani Flowers Miyuki Pattern)
via: DIY Beaded Fragipani Flowers

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