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Again something interesting with melon: the jelly melon.
In the tutorial it is made with Vodka, but I think that it is also a fun and yummy idea without alcohol :)


Jelly Melon (Here’s How To Make XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots)
via: Best DIY Party Food Ideas – 40. Watermelon Jello Shots
via: Best DIY Party Food Ideas

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Plastic Bottle Basket

Plastic Bottle Basket

I find it a cute idea to make baskets from plastic bottles – everybody can adapt the style to their taste.
It’s in the same way than many other entries I’ve presented already – and nevertheless I find everyone nice and new again :)


Plastic Bottle Basket (DIY Plastic Bottle)
=> unfortunately I haven’t found the original instruction

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Square Origami Box II

Go Origami Square Origami Box

This square origami box II is very similar to the previously presented square origami box – but I think that they are not equal.


Square Origami Box II (Simple Origami Boxes)
via: Origami box (Robin Glynn, Carmen Sprung)

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