Polygon Box Template Generator

Template Maker Polygon Box Template Generator

Do you remember the custom card box?
The polygon box template generator also provides templates for custom boxes, but in different shapes :)
Thanks, Scott!


Polygon Box Template Generator (Polygon-shaped box) (English)
Polygon Box Template Generator (Polygon-shaped box) (German)

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Custom Card Box

Planned Pooling for Knitting

Planned Pooling for Knitting

If you have yarns with colour changes you won’t know how the knitted item will look.
The little programm for the planned pooling for knitting helps you to get an idea, you only have to fill in the number of stitches per row and per colour and if you knit in rows or in rounds.
Great! :))


Planned Pooling for Knitting (Planned Pooling)

Random Stripes Generator

Biscuits and Jam Random Stripes Generator

I have presented before a random stripes generator under organic stripes which unfortunately doesn’t exist any more.
Luckily there are now two new ones, the random stripes generator and the weighted random stripes generator where you can enter amounts :)


Random Stripes Generator (Random Stripe Generator)
Weighted Random Stripes Generator (Random Stripe Generator (Weighted))

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Organic Stripes

Crochet CD Mandala

flickr Cristina Vasconcellos Crochet CD Mandala

These crochet CD mandalas are not a new idea, but I find them nice :)
If you can’t or don’t want to crochet try the beaded stars on CDs.


Crochet CD Mandala (Mandala de crochet em CD reciclado – Efeito do reflexo do sol na parede) (portugiesisch und englisch)
=> not a tutorial, ‘simply’ multicoloured crochet motifs on a CD
via: mandala over a cd

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Beaded Stars on CDs
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