Sweater Knitting Basket

Martha Stewart Sweater Knitting Basket

This sweater knitting basket is made from an old sweater.
If you don’t need a sweater knitting basket but have old sweaters to work with take a look here in the blog what else I have on the topic of recycling sweaters :)


Sweater Knitting Basket (Felted Knitting Basket)

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Embroidered Bracelet

etsy LoftFullOfGoodies Embroidered Bracelet

Recently I presented the starburst necklace, such an embroidered bracelet would match it fine :)


Embroidered Bracelet (Wool Felt Bracelet Wristband Cuff // Hand Embroidered // Autumn // LoftFullOfGoodies)

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Starburst Necklace

Soap Socks

The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady Soap Socks

I find this a great idea: knit a soap sock that felts using it, similar to the felted soap.

But it goes a little further, because the author says in the comments that the soap sock becomes in time a smaller felted bag where you can put soap rests into. She uses them as scented sachets for her clothes drawers.


Tutorial: Soap Socks

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Felting Soap