Luxurious Fascinator

Corvus tristis Luxurious Fascinator

It would have never occurred to me to make such fascinators by myself, but then: Why not? ;-))

My hair is very soft and thin, therefore my fascinator should be at the most half as luxurious, but I think I will see what I can do there :)

Luxurious Fascinator (Positively Fascinating)

via: Baby’s First Fascinator


unikatissima Actinia Wristwarmers

Once I saw the Worm Scarf and having read the instruction for the ‘worms’ I thought that you can knit great fringes this way.
I begun with wristwarmers and after having finished them they looked like the sea anemones called Actinia.

Then I was hooked and knitted an Actinia headband, an Actinia ring and an Actinia brooch (see pictures below).
It is soooo much fun ;-)

And for all this items I wrote a tutorial. You can find the link below at the links.


unikatissima Actinia Headband This is the headband.
It is just possible that there are slightly too much fringes!?


unikatissima Actinia Ring My Actinia ring – cute, isn’t it?


unikatissima Actinia Brooch That is the brooch. It looks great on my black overcoat.


unikatissima Actinia The Actinia wristwarmers and ring can easily be worn over woollen gloves if it’s really cold.


unikatissima Actinia Anklewarmer I haven’t done the Actinia anklewarmer yet, I made the picture with my not yet sewn wristwarmer.
Looks great, doesn’t it?


unikatissima’s Englisch tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

unikatissima’s German tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

There you find instructions on how to
knit items with fringes,
add knitted fringes to finished items,
knit the wristwarmers,
knit the headband,
knit the ring,
knit the brooch and
knit an I-cord.
I also added ideas for more ways to befringe items.

Worm Scarf

Wikipedia: Sea anemones

Calorimetry Headband

unikatissima Calorimetry

I really wanted to have a hat, but with my ponytail I don’t like them.
The Calorimetry Headband was the solution and I knitted it in a very short time.
You can see it on the photo ‘in action’.
(To take a photo of myself is not as simple as I thought ;-)))

I find the Calorimetry Headband brilliant.
First: a hat is for people with long hair often difficult to wear and the headband put all those problems away.
Second: I like the short rows pattern.
And third: because it can be done in a really short time it is a very good gift for the (ok, last but one) minute.
And it can even be knitted by impatient people ;-))

unikatissima Calorimetry
I had to adapt the size and the number of stitches, because I used totally different yarn, but I’m really pleased with it ;-)

At knitty: Calorimetry

Wikipedia entry: Calorimetry


Clothesline Crochet

Clothesline Crochet

I mentioned the clothesline crochet before when I described the Simple Cro-Tat.
But because I find clothesline crochet a handy technique when I want to work something stiff (for a little bowl e.g.) I wanted to present the tutorial on how to make clothesline crochet in the round with its own entry (tutorial see links below).
Priscilla Hewitt has also other clothesline crochet tutorials and tipps about what yarns and what clothesline to use (see links below).

On the photo you see my attempt on crocheting such a little bowl.
I used quite a thick string and crocheted with crochet cotton, which is rather thin.
Because I’m always working very loosely, I could never have created a bowl with this yarn.
The clothesline crochet technique made it possible.

Tutorial on how to make clothesline crochet in the round
Other clothesline crochet tutorials and tipps

Addendum of February 2009: The links above don’t work anymore, you can find the instructions for the clothesline crochet now as PDF (about 540 KB) at Priscilla’s Crochet – Free Pattern Index, check there for ‘Clothesline Crochet’.

Here at unikatissima:
Simple Cro-Tat