Recycled Jewelry Wall Cross

etsy TurquoiseTrailCross Recycled Jewelry Wall Cross

I find the recycled jewelry wall cross a wonderful example for mixed media assemblage, the assembly of different things to a new artwork :)


The original site does still exist at the moment, but not forever, you can see it also via webarchive: Recycled Jewelry Wall Cross (TurquoiseTrailCross “Jingle” Wall Cross Hand Decorated with Vintage Jewelry / Assemblage / Repurposed / Upcycled Treasures)

Orange Peel Box

Journey into Creativity Orange Box

This here is another beautiful orange peel box after the orange peel tea pot, the orange peel box and the orange peel box II.
Additionally I have already presented the oil lamp from orange and the embellished oranges for you to make yourself.
So you are now prepared for the next oranges season ;-)


Orange Peel Box (Orange jewellery box) (Greek)
via: Orange Jewelry Box

Here at unikatissima:
Oil Lamp From Orange
Orange Peel Tea Pot
Orange Peel Box
Orange Peel Box II
Embellished Oranges

Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace

Artizan Made Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace

The embellished fabric beads and the embellished fabric beads II have been heavily decorated with beads and stuff.
This fabric scrap beads necklace shows that they can also look beautiful if completely unembellished :)


Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace (Gilgulim Fabric Art Necklace)

Here at unikatissima:
Embellished Fabric Beads
Embellished Fabric Beads II