Fabric Inchie Collage

dotslifeandart Fabric Inchie Collage

I told before how you can make matching, but not equal paper inchies*.

Here she shows how to make wondeful fabric inchies.
It must be a lot of fun.

* What is an inchie? An Inchie is a 1″ square of art. They are made from paper or fabric and then embellished in innumerable ways (see links below).

1″ fabric collage tutorial…

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Here at unikatissima:
Serendipity Collage

Faux Quilt Votives

Just Something I Made Faux Quilt Votives

I find this idea really great, too: simply scan old quilts, print, sew a little and wrap around a votive ;-)
It’s a little bit as with the Fabric/Paper Place Mat.
And I think that it would look wonderful, too, with a paper Crazy Quilt!

By the way: the paper gets more transparent when you paint it slightly with oil.
It will smell a while, but then the smell disappears ;-)

On the page she also shows how to print the quilt picture onto inkjet T-shirt transfer and embellish leather with it – great!

Faux Quilt Votives (Faux Vintage Quilt Fun)

Here at unikatissima:
Fabric/Paper Place Mat
Papier Crazy Quilt

Polypolygon Tilings

Steven Dutch UW Polypolygon Tilings

They look great, those tilings, don’t they?
You can find even more on the site, one more beautiful than the next.

I thought that they can excellently be used for quilting, but also for multi colour knitting, -crochet, -beading – in short for everything that you can do with filet crochet/cross stitch embroidery charts.

I mentioned before that I don’t quilt, therefore I don’t have any experience.
If the quilting wasn’t possible I’d be glad getting a comment on why this should be so :)

Otherwise: let’s get to work ;-))

Polypolygon Tilings

Here at unikatissima:
What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?
Unorthodox Appliqué