Knitted Colourful Yarn Stash Cowl

ravelry Jana Pihota Knitted Colourful Yarn Stash Cowl

Yesterday I have presented the magic knot you can use to make a magic ball and I have even shown magic ball crochet before.
All that’s missing now is magic ball knitting and that shows best the knitted colourful yarn stash cowl :)
Isn’t it great?! :)


Knitted Colourful Yarn Stash Cowl (Fiddly Bits)

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Latvian Fingerless Gloves

ravelry Dela Hausmann Latvian Fingerless Gloves

Aren’t the Latvian fingerless gloves beautiful?!
That’d be a great Christmas gift for someone special, wouldn’t it? :)

An if you are more a bead type, try the previously presented Lithuanian wristwarmers.
I have also presented other wristwarmers :)


Latvian Fingerless Gloves (Latvian Blooms) (German and English)

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