Peyote Background Patterns

Aunt Mollys Bead Street Peyote Background Patterns

I really like the Peyote background patterns Peyote background patterns, I’m only just thinking about where to use them ;-)


Peyote Background Patterns (Beadwork Patterns, PEYOTE STITCH BACKGROUNDS II)
he original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Peyote Background Patterns (Beadwork Patterns, PEYOTE STITCH BACKGROUNDS II)

Peyote Tube Beads Bracelet

BeadJewelryMaking Peyote Tube Beads Bracelet

Last time I combined the little Peyote beads with paper beads, but I find this bracelet interesting, too.
If you make it longer, you simply get a necklace ;-)
And you can make wonderfully matching earrings and rings.

Peyote Tube Bracelet

Here at unikatissima:
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Tubular Peyote Earrings
Peyote Stitch Beaded Ring

Tubular Peyote Earrings

craftster Tubular Peyote Earrings

I find these earrings soo cute!
And they are great to practice the Peyote technique, just as the beads that I combined with my paper beads.
Now at last I can make matching earrings for my paper beads bracelet ;-))


Tubular Peyote Earrings (Orange, yellow, and white 70’s style Peyote tube seed bead earrings (phew!))

Beaded Bead

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Beaded Leaves

craftster Beaded Leaves

These leaves are a kind of Peyote leaves and they are called ‘Russian St. Petersburg leaves’.
She made the tutorial because she didn’t find any – I find that great!

Ehm, I did find another tutorial (just in case) ;-)

If the leaves are called ‘Russian St. Petersburg leaves’ then I think that they are supposed to be made for the St.Petersburg necklace – that stands to reason, doesn’t it? In any case they would match wonderfully.

Beaded Leaves (Let’s talk leaves ** TUTORIAL**)
How to Make Leaves using St. Petersburg Stitch

Here at unikatissima:
Peyote Leaves
St.Petersburg Necklace

Dutch Spiral Necklace

unikatissima Dutch Spiral

I don’t like the necklaces in Dutch Spiral technique soo much, but I tried it out to see how it is.
In principle it’s nothing else than tubular peyote (instructions see below) where you work a bead loop in one place.
Because I didn’t like the very broad loop part with 18 beads in the instruction I only used 6 beads per loop.
Well, I like it and I was especially amazed again about how I get lost in the always similar moves and how much this relaxes me.
Perhaps I will make another looong necklace, just to relax ;-))

Dutch Spiral Necklace

Google image search result for ‘bead Dutch Spiral’

Tubular Peyote – even count (Tubular Peyote Stitch Instruction) (English)
Tubular Peyote – odd count (Odd count Tubular Peyote Stitch) (English)
Tubular Peyote (Schlauch-Peyote) (German): click ‘Anleitungen’ in the left navigational bar, select ‘Schlauch-Peyote mit gerader Perlenanzahl’ or ‘Schlauch-Peyote mit ungerader Perlenanzahl’

Links to different spiral techniques (German)

Beaded Stamp Pins

Aunt Mollys Beaded Stamp Pins

There are soo beautiful stamps, why not make a little piece of jewelry from them?
One way is the already presented lamination, another the beading of stamps.
And with a little more thought I will get other ideas as well ;-))

Beaded Stamp Pins (Bev’s Freeform Postage Stamp Pins)

Here at unikatissima:
Laminated Stamps Necklace

Peyote Medaillon Beads

unikatissima Peyote Medaillon Beads

While surfing the internet I found this necklace and found it amazing.
I thought that it should be easy to made: you make the mdedaillons with flat round Peyote (see links below) just as for the bottom of the beaded bottle, but then you work the pattern back again.
This way you get a slightly thicker medaillon in place of a flat disk.

Unfortunately I’m not so good concerning colours and so I’m not really satisfied with my own medaillon (see photo).
Perhaps I should have printed and coloured in one of the graphs (see links below) to use this as template?!
One day I really will do this ;-)

Tutorials for flat round Peyote and graphs:
Flat Round Peyote Stitch Step by Step Tutorial (English) – tutorial
Flat Round Peyote Stitch – Beading Graph Paper (English) – graph

Hexagonal Flat Peyote Worked In Rounds (English) – tutorial and graph

Rundes Peyote mit variabler Perlenanzahl (German) – tutorial, click there on ‘Rund-Peyote’

Google search result for ‘flat round peyote’
Google image search result for ‘flat round peyote’

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Herringbone/Ndebele Necklace

unikatissima Herringbone Ndebele Necklace

Some time ago I made a Herringbone or Ndebele necklace.
I find it beautiful, it is wonderfully sleeky and simply elegant.
And I found the bead weaving itself downright relaxing.

To make sure that the necklace doesn’t look boring I simply made a little Peyote bead like for my paper beads bracelet, pulled it over the necklace and worked little bead fringes on the bead like for the pages 9 & 10 of my artist book – looots ;-)
Well, I like it ;-)

Herringbone/Ndebele Necklace(Beaded Herringbone Cord)

Peyote Beads (Beaded Bead)

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