Doily Bag

flickr moananui2000 Doily Bag

I like this doily bag very much, but I presented so much already that can be done with doilies and don’t have any doilies over.
I guess that I must crochet them myself ;-))


Doily Bag (tattered chic)

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Doily Wall Decoration

flickr woolly fabulous Doily Wall Decoration

I presented several ideas before what you can do with crochet doilies, I also like this doily wall decoration.
Where can I find all these doilies?


Doily Wall Decoration (Lovely patterns…)
=> see also following pictures

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Crocheted Bruges Lace

Ars Una Species Mille Crochet Bruges Lace

I’m planning for a certain time to try crocheted Bruges Lace but found it always a little old fashioned – until I saw amongst others the photos.
Oddly enough I don’t find them old fashioned at all ;-)

I then researched a little further and found a most beautiful little cap and a very impressive opera coat.

Well, we will see.
And if it doesn’t work I will make a scarf from ;-))

Photos from Ars Una, Species Mille
via: Google image search result for ‘bruges lace’

Bruges Crochet – beautiful cap (for a larger picture click there on photo)
Bruges crochet opera coat

Instruction for crocheted Lace of the Bruges (Crocheted Lace of the Bruges)
=> scroll down for different patterns

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