Crocheted Flower Shawl

junghanswolle Crocheted Flower Shawl

I find this crocheted scarf really cute, it simply consists of lengths of chains and strewn little flowers ;-)
Once I crocheted this pattern, but without the lengths of chains and even though it looks tricky I didn’t found it very difficult.
You just have to follow the diagram carefully ;-))


junghanswolle Crocheted Flower ShawlThe pattern isn’t available anymore.

But I found the scarf very cute and so I tried to remember how it worked and wrote my own pattern.
It is much more flexible because it tells you how to modify the length of chains between the little flowers.

Blümchenschal (German and English)

Crocheted Flower Shawl (Modell 827/8, Gehäkelter Blumenschal aus Aparta) (German)
They suggest another yarn now for this shawl:
Crocheted Flower Shawl (Modell 411/0, Gehäkelter Blumenschal aus Batik) (German)

Read the English translation of the overview page.
The instruction (PDF file, ~270KB) itself contains a good-to-read crochet diagram, the same as before.

Filet Crochet with Strewn Little Flowers

unikatissima Filet Crochet with Strewn Little Flowers

I know filet crochet with strewn little flowers for any length of time, but when I found an instruction I had to give it a try:
It’s fun! ;-)
On the photo you see my first try, I’m thinking of crocheting a tote for me with this pattern ;-)

Filet Crochet with Strewn Little Flowers (Filet Crochet Patterns. Part 2. Design your own 3-D filet crochet pattern.)


Crochet Motif Blanket

New Leaf Designs Crochet Motif Blanket

I find the crochet motif blanket very nice!
I will work it one day – just as the crochet summer blanket, the crochet hexagon blanket, the colourful crochet blanket and of course the colourful crocheted hexagon blanket ;-)


Crochet Motif Blanket (Filet Flower Square – FREE Pattern) (Dutch and English)
via: Filet Flower Square

Here at unikatissima:
Crochet Summer Blanket
Crochet Hexagon Blanket
Colourful Crochet Blanket
Colourful Crocheted Hexagon Blanket