Mosaic Flower Pots

JMD Designs Mosaic Flower Pots

You can find here cute mosaic flower pots – no instructions, but wonderful inspiration :)

If you want to make the mosaic even with hand painted flowers, simply look at this older tutorial.


Mosaic Flower Pots (Mosaics)
=> scroll down to ‘Two Terracotta Pots’, ‘Floral Terracotta Pot’ and ‘Shapes Pot’

Here at unikatissima:
Mosaic with Hand Painted Flowers

Flower Pot Trees Advent Calendar

Craftideas Flower Pot Trees Advent Calendar

It’s not long to December 1 anymore, do you already have your Advent calendar?
If not, what about the flower pot trees Advent calendar?

Until November 29 I will present you six Advent calendars that can be made ever quicker ;-)
If you feel that the time scale would be too tight, simply look here at unikatissima for previous Advent calendars :))


Flower Pot Trees Advent Calendar (Christmas Paper Crafts – Advent Calender 2)

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Camera as Flowerpot

Photojojo Camera as Flowerpot

What a great idea to plant old cameras!
I still have some and old lenses, some of which are broken and I don’t need them anymore, but I can’t part with them.
Perhaps I shouldn’t and instead plant them.
Hm, on the other hand I have a brown thumb, it can therefore get difficult to plant them.


Resurrect a Broken Camera as a Flowerpot

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