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unikatissima YouKnits Antimacassar/Placemat a

An older acquaintance has bought a chair from suede and has forgotten, that the leather will wear down at the arm rests in the course of time.
When she realized this, she asked me to make her brown antimacassars for the arm rests matching the brown chair.

My first thought was: YouKnits!
Because what could be easier (and more appropriate ;-)) than designing a beautiful lace pattern and knitting an antimacassar for the arm rests from? ;-)

Because I haven’t seen the chair myself, but had two different brown yarns (socks wool and crochet thread) I simply made two pairs ;-)
And they were well-received :)

On the photos you see the antimacassars for the arm rests, but they could as well be used as placemats ;-)
(If you click on the photos, you can see larger versions of the photos (in a new window, scroll down there and click on the pictures).)

unikatissima YouKnits Antimacassar/Placemat b


And that have been the overview pictures that I got from the YouKnits designer:
unikatissima YouKnits Antimacassar/Placemat a
It is knit with the following Youknits:


unikatissima YouKnits Antimacassar/Placemat b
It is knit with the following Youknits:
024 – #15024 – #15


Here at unikatissima:
Design your own Lace with YouKnits
YouKnits Designer

At ravelry:
YouKnits lace example placemats

Bleach Stencilled Placemats

Poopscape Bleach Stencilled Placemats

Well, I find these placemats really beautiful :)

Addendum: Hrmpf, the link doesn’t work anymore (thanks, Kalinumba!) and I didn’t find it in webarchive either.
It works in principle like here, but the cutlery has simply been laid down and then the bleach has been sprayed over.


Project: Bleach Stencil Placemats

Works in principle like here:
Bleach Design Tees with Freezer Paper

No-Sew Pillow Cover

Were Going to Make it No-Sew Pillow Cover

At the previously presented no-sew pillow cover the fabric was wrapped around the pillow and knotted in a decorative way.
For this no-sew pillow cover ready-bought placemats are shamelessly glued ;-)


No-Sew Pillow Cover (6 New Home Essential and a Quick No-Sew Pillow DIY)
via: Simple No Sew Pillows

Here at unikatissima:
No-Sew Pillow Cover

Bleached Art T-Shirts

I Love To Create Bleached Art T-Shirts

I have read the instructions for the bleached art t-shirts with a lot of interest, I would like to try it one day :)
Some are made similarly to the bleach stencilled placemats.


Bleached Art T-Shirts (MAYA IN THE MOMENT: Bleach Art Tees (With Tulip Fabric Dye!))
via: DYI–Bleach Art Shirts

Here at unikatissima:
Bleach Stencilled Placemats

Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2013

unikatissima’s Lace Wintersweet

On this page:
About the pattern | About the finished items | Deutsche Version | The daily instructions | More pictures

unikatissima's lace knitter's advent calendar 2013
Knit a beautiful Estonian lace inspired shawl on the 24 days of Advent, every day a little bit.
In case that you don’t need a shawl simply make it a tablerunner :)

The picture just gives you an idea of what you will knit but (hopefully ;-)) don’t spoil the surprise.
(And if you’re curious: there are more pictures ;-))

Note: There is the group unikatissima at ravelry where you can discuss this pattern and my other patterns, too and where you can show us your wip (work in progress).
You can register at ravelry with your username and a valid email address only, with all other information about you it’s up to you whether you give them (at least it was like this when I registered ;-)).


About the pattern:

  1. This year the pattern is designed lengthwise symmetrical and not meant to be repeated in height but its width is variable.
  2. The pattern is
    a multiple of 12 + 19 stitches including edge stitches and
    the total length are 438 rows.
  3. If you want
    to make it broader/narrower simply adjust the number of repeats;

      to make it shorter

    • use smaller needles and/or
    • finer yarn and/or
    • knit less loose;
      to make it longer

    • use larger needles and/or
    • thicker yarn and/or
    • knit more loose.


About the finished items:

Please bear in mind: the size always depends on your gauge and also on the way you knit – I’m always knitting very loosely.

For the tablerunner (red) I

knitted 5 repeats with
about 290 m red cotton crochet thread (100 g ca. 580 m)
   (290 m are about 318 yards – 580 m are about 635 yards) with
3,5 mm needles (US between 3 and 5) and
got a tablerunner of about 25 x 130 cm (about 10 x 51 inches).
Depending on my daily energie I knitted a daily pattern section in appr. 25 min.

For every placemat (red) I

knitted about 140 m red cotton crochet thread (100 g ca. 580 m)
   (290 m are about 153 yards – 580 m are about 635 yards) with
3,5 mm needles (US between 3 and 5) and
got placemats of about 27 x 39 cm (about 11 x 15 inches).
I knitted a placemat in appr. 3 hours 25 min.

For the shawl (rose) I

knitted 5 repeats with
about 441 m rose acrylic lace yarn (100 g ca. 900 m)
   (441 m are about 483 yards – 900 m are about 985 yards) with
4 mm needles (US 5-6) and
got a shawl of about 37 x 124 cm (about 15 x 49 inches).
Depending on my daily energie I knitted a daily pattern section in appr. 40 min.

For the scarf (bordeaux) I

knitted 2 repeats with
about 606 m acrylic yarn (200 g ca. 665 m)
   (yarn weight similar to sock yarn)
   (606 m are about 663 yards – 665 m are about 727 yards) with
4 mm needles (US 5-6) and
got a scarf of about 22 x 165 cm (about 9 x 65 inches).
Depending on my daily energie I knitted a daily pattern section in appr. 20 min.
Note: The scarf was knitted with an early (and not so beautiful ;-)) version of the pattern. The number of stitches/rows is however the same.


Deutsche Version:

Du kannst diese Seite auch auf deutsch lesen.


The daily instructions:

The links will show up here when the right day (i.e. December 1, 2013) has come, so you don’t have to register, simply come here every day from December 1, 2013 on and click on the then linked text below.

    day   1     day 13
    day   2     day 14
    day   3     day 15
    day   4     day 16
    day   5     day 17
    day   6     day 18
    day   7     day 19
    day   8     day 20
    day   9     day 21
    day 10     day 22
    day 11     day 23
    day 12     day 24


More pictures:

(clicking on a picture ‘sends’ you to Lace wintersweet at ravelry where the pictures are larger)

unikatissima's lace poinsettia - tablerunner  unikatissima's lace poinsettia - placemats
unikatissima's lace poinsettia - tablerunner  unikatissima's lace poinsettia - tablerunner  unikatissima's lace poinsettia - tablerunner
unikatissima's lace poinsettia - shawl  unikatissima's lace poinsettia - shawl
unikatissima's lace poinsettia - scarf  unikatissima's lace poinsettia - scarf