Sweater Knitting Basket

Martha Stewart Sweater Knitting Basket

This sweater knitting basket is made from an old sweater.
If you don’t need a sweater knitting basket but have old sweaters to work with take a look here in the blog what else I have on the topic of recycling sweaters :)


Sweater Knitting Basket (Felted Knitting Basket)

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Unravel Sweater Machine

Kingston University London Imogen Hedges Unravel Sweater Machine

Even if you don’t want to build an unravel sweater machine you may have as much fun as I had looking at the video :)
By the way, it’s no joke, the unravel sweater machine can be used by charity projects where they unravel old sweaters to re-use the yarn.


Unravel Sweater Machine (National recognition for design with a novel take on recycling)
There is a link to the video: Imogen Hedges
via: Pedal-Powered “Un-knitting” Machine Unravels Sweaters to Recycle Yarn