Recycled Gift Tags

unikatissima Recycled Gift Tags

The gift tags on the photo aren’t ready yet: I simply can’t decide with which yarn I should wrap them.

But I find the idea really great: flatten the cardboard tube, cut it in strips and wrap the pieces with yarn.
I think that it could look beautiful, too, when wrapped in a piece of beautiful polymer clay and worn as necklace, earring or pin.

When reading the instructions for the gift tags I had to think somehow at the surprise ball gifts ;-)

But she had other ideas, too, about what to make with these paper shapes, namely a cute tealight and an interesting lamp decoration.

I presented before entries about recycled cardboard tubes here in this blog, namely the beaded amulet bag, the plaster photo holder and the knitting loom from a plastic bottle.
But there the cardboard tube was ‘only’ a tool.

recycling project no. 19 – yarn gift tag

recycle project no. 12 – tealight decoration
recycle project no. 16 – hurricane cover

Here at unikatissima:
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Beaded Amulet Bag
Plaster Photo Holder
Knitting Loom from Plastic Bottle

Curved Box not only for an Advent Calendar

unikatissima Teabag Box

Once I browsed flickr and found the Teabag Problem Box. He called it this way because some teas are packed in such boxes.
But what I liked best is the the fact that he ‘offers’ the creasing pattern directly (see links below).

On the photo you can see my first try. I burned some CD’s and used the paper where you write what’s on the CD and that I usually throw away for this box.
I think it’s not too bad for a first try ;-)
They can easily be used for an advent calendar.

I looked further for boxes usable for advent calendars and found the following:

At flickr: Teabag Problem Box

At The Fitful Flog: PDF file with the creasing pattern (ca. 10 KB)
Check also the Model Menu

More boxes that can be used in advent calendars:

And here at unikatissima:

Furthermore there are links on how to decorate in the entry Pattern Paper.

And what can you put into the boxes?
Here at unikatissima:

This week I will present more possible fillings.