Self-made Chocolate Bark

Suburban Simplicity Self-made Chocolate Bark

This self-made chocolate bark is similar to the colourful candy and is made for Easter, but with other ingredients you can make it also for Valentine’s Day, Advent or simply as gift occasionally, can’t you? :)


Self-made Chocolate Bark (Easter Oreo Bark That’s Super Easy!)
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Jelly Eggs

Easy Food Decoration Jelly Eggs

Making these jelly eggs is more crafting than cooking ;-)
I find them very nice, not only on Easter :)


Jelly Eggs (Jelly Eggs-Easter Food Ideas By Easy Food Decoration)
=> shortly after having written this entry the original site disappeared, but Niko pointed me kindly to this youtube video:
Easter food ideas JELLY EGG Easter dishes YUMMY EGGS (video)
Thanks, Niko! :)

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Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs

Simple as That Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs

I didn’t know the term ‘hand lettering’ yet, it means drawing letters by hand.
And I like this hand lettering on Easter eggs very much – even without Easter eggs ;-)


Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs (Easter Egg Lettering)
via: Typography Fun: Easter Egg Lettering
via: Wir lieben Handlettering für Ostereier!