(Not-only Christmas) Pun Cookies

mohntage Not-only Christmas Pun Cookies

Ooh, I love these: (not-only Christmas) pun cookies! :)

I am sure that they go well with the other already presented Christmas cookies :)


(Not-only Christmas) Pun Cookies (Cookie Lettering – Lustige Weihnachts­plätzchen) (German)

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Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

Handmade Charlotte Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

If you still have some pinecones over after the already presented pinecone projects you can make a couple of these cute pinecone Christmas tree ornaments :)


Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament (Pinecone Ornaments: Three Ways)
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Paper Poinsettia

Lia Griffith Paper Poinsettia

The paper Poinsettia looks truly real – and it doesn’t wither :)

Though I always link ‘Poinsettia’ to the Advent calendar shawl pattern Lace Poinsettia :)


Paper Poinsettia (Paper Poinsettia Plant)
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