Hand-Coloured Fabric

Ella Claire Hand-Coloured Fabric

I’ve presented before acryl coloured fabric, but it looks as if you can also hand-colour fabric with watercolours and fabric medium.
Chic :)


Hand-Coloured Fabric (How to Watercolor Paint on Fabric | Tutorial)
via: Use this tutorial to permanently watercolor on fabric! This makes beautiful pillows and so much more!

Here at unikatissima:
Acryl Coloured Fabric

Eraser Stamps II

Fuwa Stamp Eraser Stamps II

After the eraser stamps and the repeated pattern eraser stamp I want to present now also the eraser stamps II, because I find this narrow stamped bands really beautiful!


Eraser Stamps II (Masute style Hanko) (Japanese)
via: maskingtape-like stamps!!

Here at unikatissima:
Eraser Stamps
Repeated Pattern Eraser Stamp