Drinking Straws Baskets

AuntyMayyee Drinking Straws Baskets

I’ve presented tutorials for drinking straws and baskets before, here is an instruction for a combination of both: drinking straws baskets ;-)


Drinking Straws Baskets (Drinking Straws Crafts) (Chinese)
via: Drinking Straws were Woven into These Amazing Baskets

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Yarn Basket with Needle Holder

AboutCom Crochet Yarn Basket with Needle Holder

A nice idea for the organized knitter / crocheter: a yarn basket with needle holder ;-)


Yarn Basket with Needle Holder (Beth’s Yarn Basket With Custom-Made Crochet Hook Holder)
=> see text under ‘Any Organizational Advice You’d Give to New Crocheters?’
via: Awesome idea for storing your yarn, AND tools!

Sewn Little Flower Basket

fjx Sewn Little Flower Basket

I find the little basket very cute – and I think that people who can sew should be able to get on with the instruction.
I suppose that I wouldn’t wangle it, not even if the instruction was written in German in capital letters ;-))
But that’s only because I don’t have any sewing routine ;-)


Sewn Little Flower Basket (Japanese diagramm)

Paper and Plastic Bottle Baskets

redsemillaroja Paper and Plastic Bottle Baskets

I have here already a lot of tutorials and inspirations for items from plastic bottles and from recycled paper, but I think that this is the first combining both ;-)
Anyway, I found an inspiration where they make baskets from recycled paper and plastic stripes.
They are made similarly to the basket coiling but with different materials.
I find some of these baskets most beautiful!

If that’s not your cup of tea check here whether you find other baskets that you like ;-)

Paper and Plastic Bottle Baskets (Spanish and English)

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Coil a Basket
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Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

CraftStylish Clothesline Sewing-Sew A Fabric Bowl

After having presented clothesline crochet and clothesline knitting I have now ‘clothesline sewing’ ;-)

The point here is to take a cord and at the same time cover it with fabric and coil a basket from the whole thing just as with the ‘real’ basket coiling.

I find the little baskets absolutely cute, but I have a sewing machine so old that it doesn’t even have a zig zag stitch and I won’t do this by hand! ;-)

Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl (How to Sew a Fabric Bowl)

via: craftster: Coiled Fabric Bowls!
via: craftster: Rainbowl! Rainbow Coiled Bowl and Coasters

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Jewelry for the Garden

Karen Tiede Studio Garden Art

Now that spring has come comes the time, too when to embellish the garden. Why not making garden hose baskets garden hose baskets then?

I don’t have a garden and they are too large for a balcony which can only contain two plain chairs or a canvas chair ;-)
Anyhow, I find them interesting.

Jewelry for the Garden
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Jewelry for the Garden

Coil a Basket

unikatissima Basket Coiling.jpg

I find another interesting technique basket coiling, where a long thread from (nearly ;-)) any material is to be wound around a curled up thread (also from nearly any material).
It is similar to the clothesline crochet that I presented before, but the thread is to be wound, not crocheted.
On the photo you see my first attempt: I wound plastic raffia around package string.
Actually it should have become a basket, but then I lost my patience ;-)

I followed two tutorials that I find very good, not least because they are heavily illustrated: Pine Needle Baskets (there is also a second part (for the new links see the links below) (and How to coil a basket. In a second entry: More coiling fun… she presents pendants made with the same technique – and which are muuuch more faster;-))

Pine Needle Baskets – part I
Pine Needle Baskets – part II
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive (I’m not sure whether some of the illustrations have disappeared?!):
Pine Needle Baskets – part I
Pine Needle Baskets – part II
or here:
Pine Needle Baskets – part I
Pine Needle Baskets – part II

How to coil a basket
More coiling fun…

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