Book Wall Art and Jewelry Holder

Book Wall Art and Jewelry Holder

‘Book Wall Art and Jewelry Holder’ is a lengthy title for a great wall installation art :)


=> unfortunately I haven’t found the original instruction, the link goes to
via: 10 Book Themed Decor Ideas For Every Room Of The House
=> scroll down to 3. Deco Book Wall

Typographic Gift Wrap

Man Made DIY Typographic Gift Wrap

This typographic gift wrap is very simple, very plain and really individual :)
And the other gift wraps here in the blog are also nice :)


Typographic Gift Wrap (How To: Make Typographic Gift Wrap)
via: 21 Delightful DIY Gift Wrap Ideas
=> scroll down to 2. Typographic Gift Wrap.

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Book Clutch

Caught On A Whim Book Clutch

Yesterday you have crafted with book pages, today you can make a book clutch from the left over book cover :)

And if you are not much of a reader, give the software documentation purse or the notebook purse a try ;-)


Book Clutch (DIY: Nerdy Chic Book Clutch)
via: Nerdy Chic Book Clutch

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Software Documentation Purse
Notebook Purse

Book Pages Photo Background

Blue Eyed Owl Book Pages Photo Background

How nice: the book pages photo background :)
And if there are still book pages over then: you can also make stuff from ;-)


Book Pages Photo Background (diy // book page photo backdrop)
=> without pictures, picture above from via-Link
via: DIY Book Page Photo Backdrop

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Decorative Edges with Buttons for Altered Books

Altered Book Lover Altered Book Decorative Edges with Buttons

I find the decorative edges with buttons for altered books really beautiful :)

In the case that you cannot see the pictures in the instruction, you can look here.


Decorative Edges with Buttons for Altered Books (Lesson 15: Decorative Edges)
via: 23 Easy To Make and Extremely Creative Button Crafts Tutorials – 3.) Creative decorative edges with buttons

See the page at webarchive: Lesson 15: Decorative Edges

Phone Book Letter Holder

DesignSponge Phone Book Letter Holder

Do you remember the notes hedgehog, the phone book pen organizer and the card holder?
They’ve all been made – just as this phone book letter holder – from books :)


Phone Book Letter Holder (DIY Project: Phone Book Letter Holder from All Things Paper Book )
via: Phone Book Letter Holder

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Phone Book Pen Organizer
Card Holder

Book Lamp

etsy TypewriterBoneyard Book Lamp

I have presented a book lamp in the post recycle books before, it has been quite different from this book lamp – but just as beautiful :)


Book Lamp (Hardback Book Lamp – Inkblot Perception & Personality)
=> not an instruction
via: Hardback Book Lamp
via: Hardback Book Lamp

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