Beaded Feather Earrings

JewelryLessons DALINA Beaded Feather Earrings

The beaded feather earrings look nice, don’t they?
It is no tutorial but a description and she points amongst others to the St. Petersburg stitch that I’ve presented before at the beaded leaves and the St.Petersburg necklace.


Beaded Feather Earrings (Feather Earrings – St. Petersburg Stitch)
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Beaded Leaves
St.Petersburg Necklace

Music Sheet Feathers

Todolwen New Music Sheet Feathers

I’ve already presented a couple of feathers, that’s my first music sheet feather :)
Also beautiful, isn’t it? I can imagine it as well with old book pages.


Music Sheet Feathers (A New Tutorial ~ Hymn Page Feathers)

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Stencilled Card

unikatissima Stencilled Card

(Click photo to enlarge)
Recently I needed a birthday card and that is the reason why I played around with stencilling again ;-)


unikatissima Stencilled Card
I wanted to have a negativ stencilled feather and sketched and cut therefore a feather.
Here I’ve made my first tests already.


unikatissima Stencilled Card
I covered my feather with light brown chalk and smeared the chalk with my fingers outwards.
This way I got white areas around my stencil which made the quill of my feather much too broad for my liking (see arrow).


unikatissima Stencilled Card
Therefore I cut two half-stencils and used them.
It worked great!
Another advantage of this half-stencil method is the fact, that the really narrow quill of my feather can’t slip or even tear anymore.


unikatissima Stencilled Card
I glued a cut-out feather shifted on my stencilled feather and because I thought that something is missing, I embroidered some lines with golden thread.
I used a running stitch back and forth as I always do.


unikatissima Stencilled Card
That’s how the inside of the card looks – I left it this way and wrote on the right side of the card.


unikatissima Stencilled Card (Click photo to enlarge)
And that’s how the finished card looks: I liked it ;-) and the adressee liked it, too :)

Admittedly the card looks still a little bumpy here because I fixed the chalk with hair spray. After everything was (really!) dry I put it under a heavy book and afterwards it was beautifully flat again.


Instruction on how to make the Running Stitch (English)
Instruction on how to make the Running Stitch (Vorstich) (German)

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