Orange Flower Bouquet

recyclart Orange Flower Bouquet

Now is the time for oranges anyway, then you can make from the orange peels a fragrant orange flower bouquet :)
But there’s more that you can make from orange peels.
Sounds like a very healthy time ;-))


Orange Flower Bouquet (DIY : Christmas bouquet)

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Orange Peel Box II

Grand Illusions Orange Peel Box

I presented an orange peel box before, but because I’ve found better basic instructions (English Google translation), because it’s time for oranges again and this here is painted and not cut out I decided to make this second entry ;-)


Orange Peel Box II (Natural Orange Box)
via: My dried orange peel box
via: A Box Made From A Dried Orange Peel
via: A Box Made From a Dried Orange Peel

Instruction: muy buena cajas con cascara de naranja … (Spanish)
via: Comment at ‘My dried orange peel box’
English Google translation of the instruction

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Orange Peel Box

Natural Bronzer

Crunchy Betty Natural Bronzer

The tutorial shows how you can make a substitute for expensive cosmetics with stuff from kitchen.
However I’d be cautious because essential oils and similar can be quite aggressive sometimes!
Note also the comment by Leanne Veitch, who states that lavender can be dangerous.

Anyhow a great idea! :)


Natural Makeup Hacks: Homemade Bronzer/Contour Powder)
via: DIY Beauty

Orange Peel Box

MyBrazilianCoffee Orange Peel Box

I presented embroidered orange peels before and even an oil lamp from orange peels but I find a whole box from orange peels box from orange peels great, too!
I really must give it a try one day ;-)


Orange Peel Boxes By Regina Nunes
Orange Peel Boxes

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Embellished Oranges
Oil Lamp From Orange

Homemade Lip Gloss

craftster Lip Gloss

I always have dry lips, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always dry.
Therefore I was glad to find the self-made lip gloss, because I will know what the ingredients are.
However I was a little unsure concerning the quantity of the ingredients, so I looked for more lip gloss recipes.
I think that the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page was used for the lip gloss on the photo.

Let’s see how it works on my lips ;-))

Homemade Lip Gloss (Broncos lipgloss for tweens!)
Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes, e.g. the ‘Basic Lip Gloss Formula’ on the page

Oil Lamp

unikatissima Oil Lamp

On the photo you see an oil lamp from an espresso cup, plain, cheap cooking oil and cotton. On the page with the instruction there are more but I always wanted to try this one.


And I learned a lot:

  • The tip of the cotton must peep out a good piece and be well twisted, otherwise the flame is too small (as you can see on the photo).
  • If the cotton is soaked it is quite difficult to bring it to burn (but be always careful anyhow!).
  • My ‘Espresso lamp’ burned about seven hours (!).
  • It hardly smelled.

unikatissima Oil Lamp
But: I always have to keep an eye on it: At the end when the oil was nearly burned the cotton began to burn and the cup was very, very hot and totally sooted.
Fortunately it didn’t break.

Part of the soot was ‘only smudgy’ and I could wipe it away, but part of it was kind of burned in and it took me the time of a whole motion picture (and lots of force!) to get the cup clean again.

Anyhow I will do this again because it is reasonably priced and beautiful.
Perhaps I will drip some drops of essential oil into, but first I must find out what puts off midges ;-)

Oil Lamp (Make Lamps–Not Vinaigrette)

Quick Natural Stick Deodorant

unikatissima Quick Stick Deodorant

I’m fascinated about what can be done at home!
Now I found a tutorial on how to make a natural stick deodorant that seems to be made quite quickly.
‘Natural’ means here that the only ingredients are baking soda, cornstarch and tea-tree oil.

However I don’t know whether every baking soda can be used, because Leo says that ‘baking soda’ means ‘Natriumbikarbonat’ whereas on my baking soda is written that it contains ‘Natriumhydrogenkarbonat’.
Well, it’s rather spring time than summer now, I still have a lot of time to find out ;-)

Quick Stick Deodorant

LEO German-English Dictionary
LEO Deutsch-Englisches W├Ârterbuch

Citrus Fruit Ornament

unikatissima Citrus Fruit Ornament

Long ago I found (German) instructions for ornaments made from citrus fruit. They seem to be fragrant.
Last time I checked the site they didn’t show the images, but it is very easy.

That’s what you have to do:

  1. Sketch the pattern onto the citron or the orange (e.g. with a ball pen).
  2. Cut the pattern (it is the same technique as with the eraser stamps: cut the pattern diagonally).
  3. Subsequently you can decorate your ornament with cloves.

On the photo you see my first try. I tried to cut a too broad pattern, I doesn’t really like it.
Fortunately I can continue experimenting and when making faults, I can ‘nibble’ some delicious orange ;-))


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