Polygon Box Template Generator

Template Maker Polygon Box Template Generator

Do you remember the custom card box?
The polygon box template generator also provides templates for custom boxes, but in different shapes :)
Thanks, Scott!


Polygon Box Template Generator (Polygon-shaped box) (English)
Polygon Box Template Generator (Polygon-shaped box) (German)

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Custom Card Box

Recyled Gift Box

instructables Muhaiminah Faiz Recyled Gift Box

The recyled gift box is made from toilet paper rolls or cardboard rolls.
I find them great for Advent calendars and isn’t it cute? :)


Recyled Gift Box (DIY Recyled Gift Box)

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Square Origami Box II

Go Origami Square Origami Box

This square origami box II is very similar to the previously presented square origami box – but I think that they are not equal.


Square Origami Box II (Simple Origami Boxes)
via: Origami box (Robin Glynn, Carmen Sprung)

Here at unikatissima:
Square Origami Box