Polka Dot Jar Vases

Polka Dot Jar Vases

Other than the polka dot jars the polka dot jar vases are covered with paper mache – and I like them even more :)


The original site doesn’t exist any more.
via: Polka Dot Jar Vases (DIY Paper Mache Golden Polka Dot Vases)

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Map Savings Box

Pillar Box Blue Map Savings Box

Cute, the map savings boxes, aren’t they?
Great to collect money for the next travel :)
The only problem is then to still find maps after having made all the other map projects ;-)


Map Savings Box (How To Create A Travel Themed Mason Jar Bank)
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Embellished Candle Jar

Casa E Trend Embellished Candle Jar

This embellished candle jar is not to my taste, but I can make it as I like with the tutorial :)


I haven’t found the original site anymore, but you can see it via the webarchive: Embellished Candle Jar (Candela, casetta o fungo? L’idea per un regalo!) (Italian)
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