Paper Ring

instructables nvilchis Paper Ring

I find rings from paper fascinating (see link list below), that’s why I present this paper ring which is made this time from layered paper :)


Paper Ring (Paper Rings That You Can Actually Use Everyday)

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Star-shaped Pasta Bracelet

DaWanda Kinderolo Star-shaped Pasta Bracelet

What a cute idea: a star-shaped pasta bracelet :)

If you have more pasta, make yourself jewelry from pasta beads or pasta letters place cards.

And if you don’t like pasta so much, you can simply make the gummy bear bracelet ;-)


Star-shaped Pasta Bracelet (Sternchen-Armband basteln) (German)
=> for the star-shaped pasta see the ‘Stelline’ on the picture in the English Wikipedia entry for ‘Pastina’

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