Recycling Scarf Holder

Domestic whimsy Recycling Scarf Holder

When I’ve seen this simple and clever recycling scarf holder, I had to think immediately of the scarf hanger and the scarf and tie holder :)


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now only available through webarchive: Recycling Scarf Holder (DIY Upcycled Scarf Organizer Using Washi Tape!)
via: DIY Upcycled Scarf Organizer

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Scarf Hanger
Scarf and Tie Holder

Book Lamp

etsy TypewriterBoneyard Book Lamp

I have presented a book lamp in the post recycle books before, it has been quite different from this book lamp – but just as beautiful :)


Book Lamp (Hardback Book Lamp – Inkblot Perception & Personality)
=> not an instruction
via: Hardback Book Lamp
via: Hardback Book Lamp

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Recycle books

Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Case

Onelmon Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Case

I have presented already a lot of stuff made with and from toilet paper rolls, but nothing as functional as the toilet paper roll pencil case yet ;-)


Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Case (Toilet Roll Pencil Case with Felt) (English and Indonesian)
via: Toilet Roll Pencil Case

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